Intro To Memoir


In the bible there is a verse that says, “young men see visions, old men dream dreams.” Well since I am now in the dreaming phase of my life I thought it may be wise to get some of these dreams on paper before I stop waking up.

Therefore, remembering the frequent question from my young daughter, “Daddy tell me a story about when you were a kid?” I am going to tell a bunch of stories, because everybody, especially if they have lived as long and crazy as I have, has lots of stories to tell.

Although the stories themselves are personal, the experiences, teachings, and hard-way learnings are universal. I am nothing special, I have done nothing, said nothing, nor probably even thought anything that hadn’t been done, said, and thought many times before me. That’s the way life is, and what makes it so damn interesting.

We all start out mostly carrying the same tool box. How we use the tools within it makes the difference. Perhaps by reading my memoirs you will give a thought to the value of your own mind, or at least get a good laugh.

Following are the funny, and sometimes not so funny, experiences I’ve had in my life while on this planet. This writing takes place in a rather haphazard form as it seems to me that form best fits my style as continuity and ambition is something you would never have seen on my resume . . .