One Dimensional View In A Three Dimensional World

One huge problem we humans seem to have, especially in todays fast paced world is our tendency to view things in only one dimension. Maybe it’s because we are so frantic and hurried, but on practically any subject, especially when it comes to personalities and politics we tend to pass judgment much too quickly, many times based only on what we hear on TV or read in the media. Worse yet, what we take as the gospel truth is usually just the biased view of some media guru speaking his favorite spin of bullshit for ratings.

The subjects of these diatribes, these images plastered on our flat screen TV that we judge so quickly and are about to vote for, are not merely one dimensional (good or bad) automatons, they are complicated works of humanity that demand a bit more study if we are concerned at all about making the wise choice to benefit our particular position.

We see a nice looking women like Sarah Palin and that’s all it takes for half the jerky dudes in this country to vote for her. Same women less attractive and they would not give her the time of day.

We see someone at ease before the camera having enough intelligence to talk in an impressive manner, we buy his line whether it’s true or not because that’s as far as we look.

Bill Clinton was impressive, he makes it to the oval office. Ross Perot is not quite as handsome nor is he quite as connected, he goes back to his office in Texas in defeat.

Why? We normally choose to vote for or against a person on their party affiliation and emotion alone. We never move off the first dimensional view of this complicated human called ‘candidate’ to see what he/she is all about. . . . and we have suffered dearly for our laziness.

Thing is practically anybody can put up a good enough dog and pony show for a short period of time to impress someone. They can look good and say cool things and if you are a dope maybe they will even have you calling yourself a ditto head like the Limbaugh crowd does. While in reality all the guy’s doing is spreading before your limited view his own disjointed opinion. Then when this real life sociopath gets into office and does none of what he promised, you will sit in your lazy boy to bitch and complain about them for the next four years until the next con comes along.

Or you may just realize they are all crooks anyways so you vote Charlie Wrangell (a proven crook) back into office for no other reason than name recognition, or the fact he’s a vet, or some other inanity other than realizing you were just too damn lazy to use this wonderful gift the gods have given you called a brain and searched the roster for a better candidate.

Taking the three dimensional view takes work and it takes time. The three dimensional view has to check behind this candidate and his rhetorical stance. You can’t just take what anybody says as gospel because everybody I know thinks far more highly of themselves than they ought to, it’s a part of the human condition.

We need honest (and yes there are some!) politicians who are willing to take the blame when they screw up and not just hide behind their desk and point fingers. We need men and women who are real and who don’t spend their time behind their chosen persona, but actually get into the pit and fight for you.

This country is collapsing because of OUR short sightedness and lack of caring, not because of George Bush or Obama or whoever the next guy will be. The responsibility lies on us to check these guys out and to see that the Washington good old boys and girls club gets blasted to smithereens by fighting for term limits and financial reform. In order to make good choices you need to scrutinize these candidates in three dimension and flesh them out a bit by answering these few questions to yourself.

Who is this person? . . . Find out his history because a persons past most often will get repeated in their future. How has he dealt with finances? How has he dealt in personal business? Does he pay his bills or does he con people or just downright cheat them them out of what’s rightfully theirs. Does his handshake mean anything to him? Is he an arrogant, overblown, SOB to his help or is he kind and generous?

To the moralists out there who love to swallow camels and choke on gnats . . . . A good Christian ain’t always so good . . . . and just because a guy smoked pot when he was a kid don’t necessarily make him evil. (even if he did inhale) BUT being a habitual liar like Bill might.

What is his background? . . . . Who does he hang out with? Is he a good old boy at the City club or does he hand out food on week ends to the needy? His future may reflect his past. Do we need another stumbling block in Congress?

Where has he been? . . . . What is his experience? What has he done in life to make him believe he qualifies for office? Is he an armchair warrior? Or has he smelled the stench of death close up and personal. Does he know where Afghanistan is? (George”bring it on” Bush didn’t) before he sent our guys over there to get sniped at for eternity.

Why does he want the office? . . . Power, position and possession? Or does this guy really have a heart to serve and do what he believes is best for the people who voted him in.

These questions should be answered by you to your satisfaction before you ever step into a voting booth. Otherwise your just wasting your (and every bodies) time . . . it will just bring about more business as usual. CHANGE sounds so pretty, the promise of it even got Obama elected, but what has changed? Other than the national debt of course, since he took office?

Why should we spend our lives plunking out a simple melody when we could be directing a symphony…… shame on us.