What is it? I mean you hear the word and right away you get this image of a sage who has studied long and meditated hard until a certain moment in his life when, like the Buddha under the Bodhi tree, he has an eureka moment where he becomes filled with the light of awareness.

It seems the first thing these enlightened individuals do is create a way to reveal their empowered ego to the masses. Who needs more of the multiple money making schemes these guys in the ‘New Age’ movement have come up with? Why do so many groupies buy their books or attend their seminars? What does it get them except a short term fix that is no more powerful, and far more expensive, than the high that used to come from smoking a good joint. It dissipates just about as fast also. In their search for awareness these people have merely traded the rock stars of the sixties for the awareness stars of today.

To most of us common folks it seems we stumble along day after day experiencing our existence through the law of duality until somehow we finally get the message. And even then the message is just one piece of this huge puzzle called life. In my opinion any awareness a person may experience on an individual level is rather meaningless to the rest of us.

My view of awareness is far more practical. To me, becoming aware is merely when a person, through trial, error, and experience finally begins to see with some clarity that he or she is NOT the center of the universe, and there are far more important things to do in this life than waste time standing before a mirror playing the game “mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the greatest one of all?” It’s time to focus our vision higher and take a look at the world around us, right where we are at this very moment.

Practical awareness doesn’t come with labels like conservative or liberal or the multi host of others, matter of fact if you see yourself in such a light, you probably aren’t very aware of anything at all beyond ‘group think.’ Your just another damn groupie.

Awareness means to have the ability to place yourself in another’s shoes and walk in them for a while before you cast judgment upon them or their actions. Awareness helps create balance, not strife.

We all come from different backgrounds. Education, religion, family instruction (or lack thereof), race, nationality etc. all help build the foundation of our personal belief system.

Awareness kicks these blocks out from under us, draws it’s knowledge from a far deeper source and reveals to us in a very practical way that we are without a doubt our brothers keeper. And being kind and sharing with him begets far more riches for us than that guru acquires from his 350.00 per person seminar.

Once we realize that, no matter how smart we are, we are merely a cell in this large intergalactic body of energized oneness, we can know in our heart that we have grown in awareness, but not until.