About a year or so ago I purchased the video Gasland. This well made documentary revealed in detail, the downside to the fracking craze that is taking place all over this country.  I was certainly drawn in, but I also figured balance was left out for the need of sensationalism. Instead of jumping on the anti fracking bandwagon full bore I followed cautiously behind it this last year or so while keeping my eyes on my immediate surroundings. (which happen to be mid eastern Ohio) Today, after studying both pro and con and with a better understanding of just what fracking is all about, I am now well anchored upon that bandwagon.

Today, I watch in trepidation as this invasion to my neighborhood and our way of life slips across our horizon dressed in the guise of a savior. The promoters of this fracking debacle promise us much, yet what are they actually going to deliver?

What I am witnessing is nothing much, a bit of cash to some, a whole lot of cash to a few, and to the rest of us? . . . not a goddamn thing. They are taking, not giving. Trading us trinkets for treasure, just like they did to the Delaware Indian who occupied this land before us.

I am an environmentalist. I love trees. I love clean water. I love safe food . . . and I place these loves above so called progress on every front. I also believe in the middle ground. I believe we could have prosperity as well as a healthy environment, but I also think we are going about it the wrong way. We are in a feeding frenzy before we even know what the hell it is we are eating. “Drill, Drill! Drill!! . . . and the beat goes on.

The corporation is now my sworn enemy, not because of their cry for progress, or their drilling, or any of that stuff. The corporation is my enemy because of their total disregard for all that I hold worthy of preservation, and the lies, half truths, and word spinning I hear coming from their smug faces.

It sickens me as I watch the promise of riches twist the minds of the land owners in this region. They clamor to sign on the dotted line and give up their heritage to this well oiled machine invading eastern Ohio with their trucks, poisoned water, noise, and filth without giving it a second thought. The only gripe I ever hear is that they didn’t  get enough money, or their neighbor got more money . . . or something else having to do with money. Sad.

There are environmental problems by the score, this fracking issue is just one of them. This blog will not only address fracking, but encompass these other issues as well. This blog is my rant to the world. Perhaps that’s all I can do, but do that I will.



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