Self Preservation


Self preservation is the #1 motivational instinct in all life forms, including us. We are born with the instinct, live our lives steeped in it, and we die fighting to stay alive. That’s why the Christian bible say’s, “No greater love can a man have than to lay down his life for his friend.” Only love (or perhaps hate) can override the survival instinct.

As far as I know ours is the only species lazy enough to expect someone else other than ourselves to help us survive. We look to leaders, governments, religious figures, magic . . . all sorts of stuff. Many times these “helpers”  hinder more than help, so instead of looking for help outside of ourselves and expecting someone or something to care for us, how about we get smart, look within, and realize we have been given the personal task of caring for ourselves?

Loving Jesus while stuffing our fat face with Twinkies may help us in the afterlife, but it sure as all hell will do us no good when our arteries collapse and we choke to death for  lack of oxygen. I don’t care how many prayer circles our wife belongs to. . . we did it to ourselves and we are gonna pay the price . . . period.

Since this site is basically for older guys and self defense I can believe that most of us here are already practiced survivors, else we would not have lasted the last 70 +- years on this planet.  My question to all of us survivors then is this: “Why quit now?”
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