Geo-engineered Skies

chem-contrailIf you don’t know what we are talking about . . . look up and research all this for yourselves.

As a followup I’m going to post a comment from a guy named Marc on the site There are many folks across the planet who are beginning to look up and realize that all is not well with the skies above our heads.

Marc says:
October 24, 2014 at 1:12 am
I am 61 years old. I have summited mountain peaks, rafted rivers, camped on bluffs, meditated in aspen groves high on mushrooms, come alive in the profound suchness of remote wild places, laid naked on granite boulders larger than my house, swum in northern California streams so frigid my skin turned blue.
All this and so much more. I love Mother Earth in the same way I love my own children: if my children are threatened, I will do ANYTHING to protect them.
I sense the time is fast approaching when all bets are off and we must do whatever it takes to stop this Geoengineering Apocalypse in order to protect our Mother. It cannot be accomplished sitting in front of a laptop. As author Tom Friedman so eloquently stated, it’s all a matter of scale. To really take a planet-saving bite out of carbon emissions will require coherent reductions orders of magnitude above and beyond what mankind could possibly implement because of the diffusion of resolve, the multiple governments involved, the corporate denial etc.
Will enough people coalesce around the Geoengineering issue to really cause a moratorium on all spraying before it’s too late? (which it probably already is) Without sounding hopeless, the convergence of threats to humanity, not the least of which is OURSELVES, present impossible odds for a bright future on Mother Earth. My grief is so palpable now as I contemplate Fukushima, species extinction, worldwide death spraying of toxic aerosols, human ignorance and evil, unstoppable greed, AND, corruption of the human heart.


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