The Sky IS Falling

the+sky+is+fallingEverybody remembers the kid story about Chicken Little, right? If not I will include a bit of it to begin this essay:

Chicken Little
By Merri Beth Stephens

One day Chicken Little was walking in the woods
when — KERPLUNK — an acorn fell on her head
“Oh my goodness!” said Chicken Little. “The sky is
falling! I must go and tell the king.”

On her way to the king’s palace, Chicken Little met
Henny Penny. Henny Penny said that she was going
into the woods to hunt for worms.

“Oh no, don’t go!” said Chicken Little. “I was there
and the sky fell on my head! Come with me to tell the

So Henny Penny joined Chicken Little and they went
along and went along as fast as they could.
Soon they met Cocky Locky, who said, “I’m going to
the woods to hunt for seeds.”

“Oh no, don’t go!” said Henny Penny. “The sky is
falling there! Come with us to tell the king.”

So Cocky Locky joined Henny Penny and Chicken
Little, and they went along and went along as fast as
they could. . . . ect.

And on it goes until the end when they all ultimately find out that they were freaking out over nothing at all. The moral of the story being to stop worrying and fretting over stuff and get on with your joyful and happy life. . . . what a lot of modern spiritually oriented people would call “living in the moment.”

“Oh divine one you must grasp the universe and live in the moment!” . . . . or “Chill dude, It’s all good” . . . or “Don’t mean nothin, man and what if it did?”

I believe in living in the moment myself, but THIS moment, not a contrived one brought about by positive wishes. And in this moment I see big problems with the way we think about the dire straights that the natural world is in.

Back to Chicken Little . . .

The sky IS falling. I see it every day when the planes come over my small valley. I saw them about three days ago, took these pictures:

IMG_20141103_120003_258IMG_20141104_130618_708 (and if you think they are vapor trails they never completely dissipate like a vapor trail. They spread out and join together.)

As if on cue it began to rain the next day and has been ever since. The rain and chemical clouds will last about three days and then it will clear and the skies will return to blue and then the planes will come . . . over and over all summer (since I have begun to notice)

It’s the Chicken Little story all over again I suppose, but this time, instead of an acorn Chicken Little just got a concoction of toxic chemicals dumped on his head.

Soon they met Turkey Lurkey, who was planning to
go to the woods to look for berries.

“Oh no, don’t go!” said Cocky Locky. “The sky is
falling there! Come with us to tell the king ”

SoTurkey Lurkey joined Cocky Locky, Henny Penny
and Chicken Little, and they went along as fast as
they could.

Then who should appear on the path but sly old Foxy

“Where are you going, my fine feathered friends?”
asked Foxy Woxy. He spoke in a polite manner, so as
not to frighten them.

“The sky is falling!” cried Chicken Little. “We must
tell the king.”

“I know a shortcut to the palace,” said Foxy Woxy
sweetly. “Come and follow me.”

But wicked Foxy Woxy did not lead the others to
the palace. He led them right up to the entrance of
his foxhole. Once they were inside, Foxy Woxy
was planning to gobble them up!

Did He? . . . Maybe it’s up to us to see he doesn’t.