qigongI’m about burned out on trying to inform folks about what I see coming down the economic road in the U.S. and starting to feel like a religious fanatic (you know the guy at work who is a Jehovah’s Witness that makes everybody cringe when he shows up at the lunch table?) I’m starting to get that vibe when I bring up chemtrails and tar sands and fracking . . . and . . . so I’m changing course a bit and getting into the preparation phase of survival.

Besides anybody who is free from total indoctrination already knows the same things I do. They already see that the medical/political/economic/social environments in this country are in shambles . . . so what are we going to do about it?

This series of posts, (however long) is going to be about self defense and self healing. It is targeted towards senior men (although the tactics I use can be used by anyone) because that’s what I am, a 72 year old senior citizen who has no desire to give in to the ravages of time nor to become someone’s next victim.

Self defense, as well as healing, begins in your brain. Physical self defense is only the last resort of a very calculated plan of action . . . and if you use your natural intelligence you may never need to go there in the first place.

The thrust of this series is not about how to beat a guy up, or even to escape the family doctor and save some cash. it’s about how to regain the pride and independence we all have freely given to the American sedentary life style.

Something happens inside of a man when he learns how to defend and care for himself. He begins to feel better as he gains pride in his accomplishment. He becomes more confident and perhaps once on that path, he will begin to manifest the man that he was always meant to be.

Robert Service (the great alaskan poet) wrote in “The Heart Of The Sourdough:

<i>I have clinched and closed with the naked North, I have learned to defy and defend;</i>
<i>Shoulder to shoulder we have fought it out — yet the Wild must win in the end.</i>

<i>I have flouted the Wild. I have followed its lure, fearless, familiar, alone;</i>
<i>By all that the battle means and makes I claim that land for mine own;</i>
<i>Yet the Wild must win, and a day will come when I shall be overthrown.</i>

Where does it say in YOUR book of life that it is time to quit fighting and be overthrown? Sure, that day WILL come, but today? If not, then it’s time to fight for the right to be alive and free . . .

Self preservation is the number one motivational instinct in all life forms, including us. We are born with that instinct, live our lives steeped in it, and we die fighting to stay alive. As far as I know ours is the only species lazy enough to expect someone else other than ourself to do it for us.

We look to leaders, governments, religious figures, magic . . . all sorts of stuff. Many times these “helpers” hinder more than help, so instead of looking for help outside of ourselves and expecting someone or something to care for us, how about we get smart, look within, and realize we have been given the personal task of caring for ourselves?

Loving Jesus while stuffing our face fat with Twinkies may help us in the afterlife, but it sure as all hell will do us no good when our arteries collapse and we choke to death on sugar dust. I don’t care how many prayer circles our wife belongs to . . . we did it to ourselves and we are gonna pay the price . . . period.

Since this series is basically for elders, I can believe that most of us here are already practiced survivors else we would not have lasted these last 70 +- years on this planet.

My question to all of us survivors then is this: “Why quit now?”

Why retire and sit on our duffs drinking beer, eating chips, and watching some silly show on the new flat screen TV? . . . Especially when we have reached the time in our life when we actually NEED to stay in shape . . . when we actually NEED to be the proper weight . . . when we actually NEED to eat the right foods . . . when we actually NEED to be able to defend ourselves from the vultures who see us as an easy target.

When did life sit us down and tell us it was now OK to get fat and lazy (and all the rest) and promise to take care of us anyways? If self preservation is our #1 instinct, don’t you think we ought to remember that in order to survive we have to start living like we realize it?

Most of us in this country build our lives in freedom and wish it on others as well. We love and care for our families and work hard to see their needs are met. We try to do what is right and we seek to live in peace.

BUT there are far too many in this country who have built their lives on taking and destroying, some are thugs, some are pillars of society, some become president, some get hung, but they all have pretty much the same MO . . . to take . . . and many times the guys they take from are the elderly.

This is hardly the time to lay your burden down and think because now that you’re old people are going to feel sorry for you and care for you. They won’t. Truth is that in the real world people are too busy caring for themselves. You’re on your own brother, you better quit whining about your illnesses and get with the program because the next time you go shuffling through the Walmart parking lot you may be setting yourself up for a painful reality check. There are lots of punks out there who have you on their ‘easy target’ list. Time to get back in the game.

We need to realize that although we are old men we are in actuality the elders, the last of the breed that hasn’t been lulled to sleep by political correctness and liberalism gone amok. We are the last (or so it seems) of the independent crowd who believes that standing their ground on their own two feet is a good and proud thing to do. We are the last to remember independence before the media took over and told us what the word meant. We have the experience to pick through the bullshit and are needed now more than ever.

Forget the teeth whitenings, the hair pieces, the manicures and the face lifts.  Get healthy, balanced, and proud . . . you’ll be pretty as you can be.

First, before any talk of defending ourselves, we need to get our bodies and minds in order. Although there are many ways to do this, I chose Qigong because I feel there is none better . . . so without further ado, allow me to introduce the life changing power of Qigong:

Following is a 184 page e-book in PDF format by Jim MacRichie. The book is quite revealing and free to read on the web. I posted it here for anybody who is interested in learning the Chinese concept of total mind/body healing.


Following is a short video explaining Qigong

This Chinese man (Master Duan) is in his nineties, watch how he walks and demands respect with such grace and purpose.

To be continued . . .