Let’s Get Practical

Our oceans are dying. Our earth and air is polluted. Our food is being poisoned. Mass media heralds one killer storm, earthquake, tsunami, forest fire, flood, famine after another. . .

I am beginning to wonder, are the American Indians correct when they say we European invaders are so stupid that we are doing all this to ourselves? What the hell is going on anyways? Has our earth mother finally had enough of us? Are we about to be evicted?

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In any survival situation the basics are overall pretty much the same. You find yourself in a predicament. You have for some reason, from civil war to the latest storm of the century, had your normal lifestyle pulled out from under you and are in a state of panic as to what to do about it.

Now what? What am I gonna do? Why me? On and on the questioning comes, like twenty foot waves crashing against a ten foot boat. Where’s the Red Cross? Where’s FEMA? Where’s the food, water and shelter the government promised? My wife is injured! I’m hungry! My kids are hungry!!

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A while ago I watched a documentary about Katrina. WOW! If the way the government handled that situation wouldn’t wake you up to it’s ineptitude nothing would, nor would it ever.

The Feds totally blew it. The State totally blew it. The City totally blew it. And all those people who were waiting around for those guys to come to the rescue . . . some even still waiting? They are totally blowing it.

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Get Out Of Debt

Years ago we were all suckered into the game called ‘buy now, pay later.’ If we followed the rules and had what the bank called good credit, we would no longer be required, like our parents had been, to sweat and save up our money in order to buy that item. Now we just signed on the bottom line and took it home with us.

“Whoopee! Far out! I can get me a new car today!” . . . and away we went, diving head first into the slave masters back pocket. We never even realized how ignorant that was because we were so pumped about the “stuff” he allowed us to buy on his credit.

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