Gun Control


When it comes to gun control the same arguments have been going on for years. There are so many fingers pointing in so many directions that to a thinking man it soon becomes impossible to decipher the truth. Everybody is spinning to their own love or hate song with no room for compromise and we are left with a ‘pick and choose’ situation that many times relates more to our political affiliation than to what is best for US so . . . on a personal level, I must ask myself what IS best for ME?

Honestly I don’t see it as being so complicated an issue because all I did when considering my stand on the issue was to ask myself a few basic questions . . .  something we should all do.

First question: Do I trust those in charge of my defence to appear on the scene and actually defend me when needed or would I rather have the option to defend myself?

I live in the country. Real world experience says that the police will take at least twenty minutes to get here and that’s on a good night. By that time my dogs have been shot, the thugs have beaten, robbed and left me in a bloodied heap on the floor and driven merrily off five minutes before the cops even showed up.

Answer: I do not trust Obama’s maneuvering and I need a realistic way to defend myself.

Things I know:

  1. This nation is no longer a democratic republic run by and for the people. We are now in a slow forming version of oligarchy (a form of government run by a small number of people or powerful military figures.) run by corporations, the MIC, and special interests.
  1. Every nation that has been completely overtaken by such an oligarchy has first needed to be disarmed. . . .  So naturally I am a bit apprehensive when it comes to adding more control over our only realistic form of self defense.
  1. We are a gun toting nation and have been since our inception. There are millions of guns in this country as we speak, some in the hands of criminals. The only people gun control will work on is the honest people who have been duped into handing in their guns believing the government will meet their defensive needs. The criminals love gun control advocates as it gives them an open playing field.
  1. We have plenty of gun laws on the books right now. All these political tears should be shed for the reasons why our country is in such a shambles. Rather than making political points Obama should look deeply into his own turf (Chicago) and see that gun laws don’t work. There are strict laws there already and kids are dying daily in that city from gun wounds. Is gun violence a problem in this country? Yes, absolutely, but all this ‘more gun laws’ bullshit is just that.

When it comes to background checks. Since 911 the computers have been updated and they are pretty good right now. Check it out.

Bottom line: Research this stuff on your own. If you are comfortable trusting in this government . . . fine, but if you are not, you better think twice before falling to the tears and political bullshit coming out of the White House these days.

After careful consideration I believe every honest person should be armed until every thug, crook, and gangster is forced to give up their weapons also . . . and the government quits living on sound bites and emotional pleas, but gets down to business doing the things we chose them to do. As far as I can see that ain’t happening any time soon, and if this country is on the slide I believe it to be on I want the means available to defend myself.

Bottom line:  I believe that this Obama thing is just another way to crack the resolve of the people and force a wedge into the NRA (no, I am not a member). . . His intention as a dupe for the Oligarchs is complete gun confiscation. Shame and sorrow on us if we ever allow that to happen.

Now to end this with a bit of balance, a little common sense on the part of gun owners would help a whole lot . . . as well as this media depicting everybody who owns a gun as a baby killer. As is we are digging a hole that can only be filled by the very people we dislike the most . . . those bent on destroying this nation even more than they already have.


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