I am not convinced that guns are the only cause for the large volume of crazy killings that are happening in this country. I believe Obama has a hidden agenda concerning this phenomena, or he is just inept at doing his job. . . . as will be Hillary.

Gun laws are necessary, but there are plenty of those already on the books. With a bit of research, anybody can find that this is true. So what is it? Why the full frontal attack on guns in the first place?

Guns are by their very nature the ‘go to’ weapon of the masses namely because the gun is the ‘equalizer.’ There is usually no competitive risk and all it takes is pulling a trigger to kill or maim an enemy. A little fat guy guy pulls a gun and immediately he feels he has power and control over a situation. . . a fact that is not necessarily true, but if one watches the movies and the TV he/she get’s the idea that it is. It’s no wonder that guns are so popular.

In essence a gun is a dangerous weapon in the hands of a fool and must be controlled somehow, but nobody trusts the motives of government because they have already been proven to lie about just about everything else. How can we believe them and their short sighted approach to gun control?

What about our degrading society where gangs rule much of the turf in our cities? What about a total lack of common sense when it comes to many, many laws these days? What about the drugs? The mentally ill? Violence in games, TV, movies, music, art . . . EVERYWHERE? What about the psychic reasons for a guy to pull a gun in the first place?

Why do we place so much emphasis on one part of this equation while totally ignoring the remainder of these questions? Because guns are easy to demonize and their absence from our hands makes us easier to control. It’s that simple. The other stuff takes too much effort.

So what IS the reason that up until 1968 or so ALL guns were legal and there were no major incidents of school shootings and the only mass shooting I could find was Charles Whitman in 66? Were we a more peaceful society then? NO. We were smack dab in the middle of a cultural uprising. The blacks were burning cities, students were rioting against the Vietnam war and the establishment. There was chaos everywhere . . . BUT I lived in the streets of Portland Ore and yet I could walk through the park at 3AM with my girlfriend and have no fear. I never saw a gun drawn in anger. I never heard of a kid going bonkers and shooting up his school. How come?

DRUGS. . . . Not the weed and psychedelics we all took, but what about SSRI’s (Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft, Effexor, etc.) They had not as yet been introduced into the pharmacopoeia.

It has been proven today that the vast majority of shooters in this country have been either on, or trying to get off, these SSRI drugs. Why then are these drugs and the prescribing of them to our youth not being questioned?  Because of corporate greed and huge profits these drugs are untouchable. You want to know the truth or would you rather believe the political/corporate lie as many do?

Following is an excerpt from ‘Population Control’ by Jim Marrs:

British psychiatrist Dr. David Healy notes that “almost all the school shooters that we know of have either been on or using these drugs or in withdrawal from them,” a condition called SSRI discontinuation syndrome . . .  Dr. Healy warned, “You can become emotionally numb when you go on these drugs. That means you can do things you wouldn’t normally contemplate doing.”

The website ’ has a zillion personal stories about this issue . . . so if you are going after guns perhaps a broader look will help you make a more intelligent decision. . . SSRI Stories is a collection of over 6,000 stories that have appeared in the media (newspapers, TV, scientific journals) in which prescription drugs were mentioned and in which the drugs may be linked to a variety of adverse outcomes including violence.

In closing, it’s simple. As long as criminals have guns we must have a counter balance or become their prey even more than we already are. That is the only conclusion that makes good common sense. You want to believe Jesus or Obama will keep you safe? Fine. But personally I will put my faith in Smith and Wesson.


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