Sex Sells . . .Fear Sells Better


It is so obvious that the corporate media is dead set on scaring us that it is now getting funny. When I watch Fox or CNN I can’t help thinking of Paul Revere and his famous ride through the streets, “The British are coming! The British are coming!” . . . today it’s the terrorists are coming, but unlike the British are the terrorists actually here? If they are, are they here in numbers large enough to disrupt our way of life and keep us shaking in our boots like we are?

I don’t really know, but even if 911 WAS a righteous attack planned and put into operation by Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Even if our CIA spooks HAD no prior knowledge or complicity in 911 and all the stories about a Reichstag type conspiracy are not true. Even then, to anybody who actually studies that mess with an open mind can see a bucket so full of questionable holes that it is impossible to make sense of it. We were at the very least unbelievably asleep at the wheel. Regardless we got caught with our pants down and IMO all this terrorist fear is just not warranted.

So if the terrorists ARE coming why are we so afraid? Have we gone soft and forgotten how to defend ourselves? No. We are an armed citizenry with more than enough weapons and fire power to control the situation on our own, even without the police and the military, with them we are invincible . . . unless.

What I see coming is something far more sinister that a terrorist attack. I see our freedoms disappearing like a fart in the wind. I see a frightened people willing to give them all up in the name of security, and I see it all starting on the day the towers went down.

Problem is that Homeland Security is a FALSE security and soon the huddled masses will find out just how false these scare tactics are. ISIS is only a threat because, if we didn’t actually create it in the first place as many are saying, we certainly allowed it to sink its roots deeply into the ME.

So what is actually happening here? Why is the media spreading a blanket of fear instead of valuable information? . . . it’s simple. The globalists are fulfilling a plan of action that was implemented years ago and are now in the final stages of total domination over this country. The day the cocky Wall Streeters got their big bank bail out (because they were too big to fail) should have proven all this to everybody, but it hasn’t because it’s easier to buy the nationalistic patriotism we are being fed. It’s easier to welcome the noose in trust that our government is only watching out for our safety and well being . . . yeah right!

I believe 911 was a silent coup . . . I have studied the event religiously from all angles and viewpoints and that is the only viable answer I can come up with. Who was behind it? There are a few believable theories, but as yet I have not come to a definite conclusion. Were we complicent or did we just sit back and allow it to happen like our government did at Pearl Harbor?

It could go either way for now, but after studying the event, as well as what has taken place since, it’s easy to see that 911 was the catalyst that began choking our hard won freedoms out of us . . . and fear is driving us to lay them down peacefully. We are buying the story and laying down the glory of yesterday’s America as we do.

Have we entered another gilded age like the roaring twenties, when money and power belonged to the few, without even a whimper . . . why? Because we are afraid of the terrorists and need protection from the boogie men?

Shouldn’t we be fearing the globalist and his plot to lay a one world government on us instead? But then that would mean we would be forced to put down our happy meal and get serious about things, we won’t do that . . . and the beat goes on.


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