Pesticide Poisoning

Ok . . . most people realize that Monsanto and their pesticide-producing buddies are killing us. That’s obvious to anyone with an IQ over 40, but how’s a guy supposed to eat a proper fruit and veggie diet when everything he buys is swimming in pesticides. . . . go organic?

Then what do we do about the chemtrails? (that are finally being acknowledged by Big Brother Dumb Butt) . . . They lay a nice covering of aluminum sulfate as well as other nasty stuff all over everything.

How about we grow our own veggies hydroponically in a greenhouse? Probably the best idea, but we’d need a clean water source and a lot of work and dedication to bring forth our highly limited crop. . . Anyway, you can see the dilemma.

As an answer to those questions, I’ve started a medicinal mushroom garden because Turkey Tail Polypore ( Trametes Versicolor) mushroom is a great immunity builder and cancer curer. I can, at least, by producing tincture and tonic, use the mushroom to help build up my immune system in order to counteract the effects of our countries food manipulating insanity.

We all must remember . . . THESE PEOPLE are not in the business of helping US . . . they are in the business of making a profit. WE MUST BE RESPONSIBLE AND CARE FOR OURSELVES! Those people are poisoning themselves also . . . now if that ain’t a dumb ass move I’ve never seen one.

Look into it, discover for yourself what will work best for you and yours . . . if not you might as well go out and get a bag of Twinkies and eat yourself into an early grave. Survival of the fittest is about to cancel your stay . . . anyway.

Below is part of my mushroom garden. As you can see it is quite easy to get started. I took all the wood from my wood pile that was covered in mycelium and set the cuts on end. That’s it, I have four or five other gardens like this on my property as well. When the mushrooms grow out on the logs I cut them off, dry them, make tincture or tonic and sometimes consume them as tea. With a little raw honey, they are quite tasty.

I plan on having more than I need after the first crop so I may have some for sale. They sell on the open market for about 50.00 + shipping, a pound, I will want 35.00 + shipping.  They will come dried and chopped into small chunks. There will be directions for making tincture, tonic, tea.




Grape crops with pesticide residue. Routine use of pesticides and insecticides in the agricultural industry is often portrayed as not only acceptable, but necessary in order to maintain high production standards. The use of these products is harmful to the environment, depletes topsoil, destabilizes the ecosystem, pollutes groundwater and distributes carcinogenic, poisonous chemicals for…

via U.N. Report Reveals Agri-Chemicals As Unnecessary Evil: Attributes 200,000 Deaths Annually To Pesticide Poisonings — True Activist

We Are A Dying Breed Living On A Dying Planet . . .

And what are we doing about it? NOTHING of value.

We have the concerned crowd: but they are too disjointed and accommodating to even get off the starting line when it comes to actually creating worthwhile change. The few who are serious about the matter are quickly swallowed up by the same retarded groupie effect that has pretty much invalidated every movement since at least the peace movements of the sixties.

The environmental movement has given center stage to charlatans such as Al Gore, Michael Moore and the rest of the phony crowd that believes going green is a great idea as long as “I GET MINE!” first. Today’s environmentalist is just as concerned with the easy life as guys like Trump with his golden bathtub. Nobody wants to give up what it will take to actually do battle against the causes of world pollution. We can’t even come to the simple consensus that there IS a problem serious enough to warrant sacrifice of any kind.

We have the debunker crowd: like Donald Trump and the rest of the ‘blinded by gold’ idiots who blame global warming on Chinese propaganda, etc. And honestly, those who are willing to call the greatest catastrophe that has ever hit this planet a liberal lie are beyond redemption. Don’t waste your time trying to convince them of anything, if Rush said it is . . . IT IS by damn!

We have the science crowd: Science is too dependent upon financing to be much more than spokesmen for the elite who are at their core more interested in profit than a clean planet. . . . look at Trump and listen to his ignorance, it will cause you to get a peek at our current condition and make you want to jump off the nearest bridge.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . . We have the Aus coral reef bleaching and dying. We have Fukushima, over fishing and pollution killing DEAD! the entire Pacific Ocean. We have corporations killing our food . . . poisoning our water . . . polluting the landscape . . . and dropping heavy metals on our heads with their insane weather modification program.

Does anybody really give a shit about all this? ONLY if it affects you on a personal level will you give it more than a raised eyebrow. I’m being too negative, stirring the waters, overblowing the situation, doom and gloom spreading silly sucker, SHUT THE FU__ UP! and let us get back to posting our half eaten food and funny cat video (which are pretty good sometimes) Enough!


I want to write a love poem . . . sweet and easy.
I want to find a way to say the golden things
The things with wings.
I want to mimic Gibran . . . and Rumi too
I want to write a love poem . . . I do I really do.

I sit at the break of day
When the hush of morn surrounds.
I think of all those loving things
where peace and love abounds.
A thought so strong it births a tear
Takes me back to a better year . . .


Across the hilltops flying high
Are cries from earth
And water
And sky.

ENOUGH! ENOUGH! . . . we say
IF you wish to live another day!

Cassius Methyl, GuestWaking Times It’s official: the US government’s partners in academia are going to openly spray us. It’s a move toward a future where they openly spray the skies to supposedly fight climate change. Harvard scientist David Keith and his partner are going to spray the sky with aluminum oxide and other chemicals to…

via It’s Official: Geoengineering “Experiment” to Block Sun for Climate Change — Waking Times