Truth? What Is True?

shaking hands

When it comes to reality, every time we think, or everytime we say, “this is the absolute truth” we should really be saying, “to the best of my knowledge this is true”. . . because most of the time our declaration of absolute truth will one day prove the point that we didn’t really know, we just thought we did. . . . If nothing else, this one action would save a lot of division and silly argument.

Today, I see this “I know and you don’t know” phenomenon taking place all across the board in every direction. Social status, education, even experience, makes no difference, it seems to me that dialog, for some reason, has been replaced with intellectual snobbery. “I know.” is now the order of the day . . . and really, what do we actually know for sure?

As an example: Take an ice cube out of the freezer and set it on the countertop. What you have is an ice cube. Without a doubt you KNOW what the object is . . . no doubt . . . absolute truth . . . ICE CUBE, and you are willing to argue until hell freezes over about the fact that this object IS an ice cube. . . . but wait a while and the ice cube melts away and turns into a pool of water. Then what do you have?

“Well the damn thing has melted!” you say. You are correct, your ice cube has just melted into a pool of water because all along that’s what it actually was. WATER. . . . This is what practically ALL of your opinions and perceptions will ultimately do also, because in all actuality, no matter how many experts you have on your side, you, or they, do not know their asses from a hole in the ground when it comes to absolute truth.

For instance, what do we REALLY know about the simple elements that sustain life like . . . Water . . . Earth . . . Wind . . . Fire? We know ABOUT them . . . We RECOGNIZE them . . . We can STUDY them . . . We MANIPULATE them and USE them to benefit us, but what do we really KNOW? . . . nothing much.

We say God created this or that and let it go at that. Of course we read the holy book, and by doing so and following its directions . . . We think we KNOW God . . . and all this stuff is His domain. And yet God itself is a complete mystery, and anybody who believes otherwise is kidding themselves and putting themselves on a pedestal.

Today we are making major decisions against the natural world, OUR natural world, that is quite capable of destroying it all together and turning our lush and fantastic homeland into a Mars-like graveyard. . . . all for the lust of POWER, POSITION, and POSSESSION. For the first time in this epoch, we have advanced to the point of absolute self-destruction, and it seems we are hell bent to accomplish just that. . . . like, as I believe, we have done so many times in our distant past.

Bottom line . . . we are fools creating division amongst ourselves and messing with things we have no right or reason to be messing with. Long term all this stuff we deem so very important to us now, will fade and dissolve before our eyes like that ice cube on the counter top, and the truth will finally arrive like a blinking neon sign . . . WE DID NOT KNOW! . . . WE DID NOT KNOW! . . . WE DID NOT KNOW!!!

This is the time, our last chance to stand up and fight for our planet as a unit, (not among each other like a bunch of dipshit know-it-all’s.) Time to step back and realize the enemy has lied us into his corner right where he wants us. That enemy can only be defeated if we are willing to team up and force those who lead us into giving Mother Nature a seat at the table.

This is war . . . and wars are won by utilizing teamwork, not individual heroics.

We must choose our demonstrations wisely and stop swinging wildly about like a drunken sailor . . . we must learn to make our expenditure of adrenaline count.

As is, the left fights the right, the right fights the left, the blacks fight the whites, the whites fight the blacks, the religious fight everybody (in God’s name of course) the others fight the religions, . . . and the beat goes on until we all reach the cliff and fall off . . . it’s time to wake up NOW . . . or drown in our own pollution. . . . no shit.