Corporate State . . .


About 45 years ago Rachel Carlson with her book ‘Silent Spring’ and Ralph Nader with his large following had the Corporation on the ropes. President Nixon signed into law the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and created the Environmental Protection Agency.  These environmental moves ate directly into the Corporate bottom line, cost them millions of dollars, and directly affected their profit margin. The Corporation fought back.

From Jimmy Carter forward, the Corporation, using the power of the lobbyist and the size of their bank accounts . . . bought Washington. Ronald Reagan reversed or weakened a lot of what the environmentalist had accomplished, and since the Eighties Washington has been owned, lock, stock and barrel by the Corporation. The leaders of this wolf pack are the oil baron Koch brothers.

The Koch’s financially back practically every guy/gal in congress. If you want to be elected to high office you better have Park Avenue backing or else you are guaranteed to become an also ran.. . .

With this latest (following) ruling from the Supreme Court the death knell for any semblance of the Democratic Republic envisioned by our forefathers such as Thomas jefferson, has been sounded. We have today become a corporate owned theocracy where money rules and profit is God. Cut it any way you want, but that’s just the way it is.

From the Washington Post . . .

Supreme Court strikes down limits on overall federal campaign donations. In a sweeping campaign finance decision, the Supreme Court struck down aggregate limits — or rules for how much an individual can give in one campaign cycle. So what’s the backstory of this case?

The Supreme Court’s divisive decision Wednesday striking down a Watergate-era limit on campaign contributions was the latest milestone for conservative justices who are disassembling a campaign finance regime they feel violates free-speech rights.

The 5 to 4 decision — striking down the limit on the total amount of money wealthy donors can contribute to candidates and political committees — was the fifth since Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. joined the court that agreed with constitutional arguments challenging laws designed to blunt the influence of money in politics.

What does this all mean? It means that guys like the Koch brothers can now freely buy the best man they feel will further their interests in Washington. Of course they’ve always done that, but now it’s out on the table . . . and nobody seems to really give a shit.

The complacency of the people of this country is unbelievable . . . shame on us. When we should be rioting in the streets, we are too busy watching our wide screen TV. Everything Ralph Nader and Rachel Carlson began . . . the Koch brothers, their ilk, and their money finished.

Yesterday I watched a video taken on Earth Day in Washington DC. The Green Party guy was set up in a park across the street from the EPA building. He talked for a while about the beginnings of the environmental movement and the necessity to keep it going. The camera panned the rather quiet crowd (for a demonstration) and I saw why. There must have been no more that twenty people there. . . twenty fucking people!  . . . To counter the greatest land grab in the history of this country . . . twenty people show up?

I thought back to the park where Obama swore his oath of presidency and remembered how many hundreds of thousands of cheering fans he had at that time . . . and I got really depressed when I realized how over all this is. There is only one thing left to do . . .

In every great battle there is a moment when opposing armies realize that they have either won or lost the conflict they find themselves in. The victor makes one last charge while the loser, realizing his command structure has broken down in disarray, heads for the hills.

So the call is going out to my readers here and now . . . “IT”S EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!!” Find a way out of the compound, escape to the jungle and utilize the survival skills you have been taught . . . you’re on your own. Good luck.

I had a lot of hope for Obama and his administration. His cry for change rang true in my ears. I thought maybe, just maybe, he could lead this country out of the morass of in-fighting and bickering and do-nothing-but-pander-to-special-interests legislation used by previous elected officials that has brought this country to its knees. I had hope even though I knew Obama was going to have a tough time of it. Even though I knew he would never do much on his own.

Perhaps it’s merely fate. Perhaps it’s just our time to die like everything eventually does and nothing can change it, but for certain, history will not be kind to this generation as the record will show that when the ship of State sprung a leak and began to list her occupants were too busy arguing about how to apply the patch and she sunk from lack of attention.

I have no more hope for change or for a fix or for anything else coming from Washington save a bunch of hot air, and it’s going to take a whole hell of a lot more than hot air to keep the folks sitting around their stoves next winter warm so I’m closing with . . . one more time.


Escape for now, but remember it’s not over. The rule of the Corporation will end when it self destructs . . . rearm and prepare yourselves for combat. The day of the Environmentalist will come and the Earth will rejuvenate herself once again.

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