The End Game . . .

end game

America has been staying afloat these last couple of decades by playing  a game called ‘kick the can on down the road’. This is basically how it goes . . . when the government comes up against a problem demanding immediate attention, they put the memo in an old soup can and kick it on down the road so somebody else will have to deal with it.

This game could also be called ‘pass the buck’ or ‘point the finger’ or a zillion other names, but one word you will never see in this game of slip and slides is responsibility. Nobody, from either side of the isle wants to take responsibility for anything.

The game began in earnest right after WWII when short term thinking and long term greed became the order of the day. Originally it was called Capitalism, but in reality our system has always been a mix consisting of Socialism as well as Capitalism. This system could have worked, but was flawed from the very beginning because of it’s over-the-top thirst for immediate profit.

Profit was God and for awhile God blessed our people with a large and thriving middle class. But just like all pyramid schemes seem to do, it worked only as long as the balance point was favorable. Today that middle class balance has been shrunken and weakened by the powerful and wealthy until it can no longer carry them.

The game is over . . . the system has become more important than the people it’s comprised of. . . the beginning of the day of reckoning is upon us . . .

The game of capitalism not only contains a fatal self destruct within itself, but because of it’s thirst for natural resources it is also destroying the planet that feeds it. To continue along these two social economic fronts is suicidal.

What to do? For right now we must forget about lost causes like our government and get ourselves in order. The revolution will come in it’s own time.

On a personal level we must stop kicking our own cans down the road and get serious about this stuff. Faddy ‘going green’ ain’t going to get it . . . it’s too late for that. . . the oceans are dying . . . our healthy food source is drying up . . . the earth is dying . . . the air is polluted . . . .

It is time to get pissed off . . . time to rise up and rebel . . . time to fight back . . .

First we must get OUR house in order so that if we do win this battle we will not fall into the same trap those guys did. Ignorance is the enemy. Clubbing some dope in the head won’t help anybody, but to sit him down and get him to listen to the death rattle of the natural world . . . may.

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