Be Careful What you Choose . . .


I recently wrote this reply in reference to an article posted by a lovely young lady that I happen to follow here in Blogsville. The article referred to a female college student who had chosen to join the porn industry in order to pay for her tuition. I was concerned about the whole idea of a young girl doing such a thing while most others, dropping the moral issue entirely, thought it was her choice and a courageous one at that . . .

When questioned on my first reply this was my final answer:

That’s better, but still . . . sex is so powerful that you can slip deeper and deeper into depravity without even realizing it . . . (I know, define depravity :-)) depravity is when you do or get involved in, anything that knocks you off your life path and into a lower vibration. We are creators Jen, we create our tomorrows by the things we do today . . . sex itself is not the problem it’s all the baggage following . . . add money to the equation and it’s almost guaranteed to go bad.

God, or the churches devil, won’t be getting her, she will be getting herself . . . to what degree is up to her. . . . not the dipshits condemning her. I just hope for her sake that she keeps the back door in view and has an escape plan in place.

Naivete  is something we all succumb to . . . christ, I thought Trump was actually going to do what he promised and make America great again, how naive was that!

I believe we all come into this ‘life’ experience for a reason, but soon thereafter are drawn into a lower vibration that overpowers us to the point we forget just what the hell we are doing here in the first place. We shed our lofty vision and live under the prevailing heaviness of the world until we die having never known or experienced our original intent.

Not everybody falls into that trap though, and even some that do are able to escape and continue their life journey.

 Last night was movie night at the ranch. I picked one stinker after another on Netflix and deleted them. I was about to give up until I found one called, “Gifted Hands” with Cuba Gooding as lead. Thinking it was about a musician, I pulled it up and away we went. The movie was your normal rags to riches story about some black kid who, although born into extreme social difficulties, grows up to be a brain surgeon.

My attention wandered a bit until about halfway through the movie when I realized I knew who this guy actually was. He was the same guy I saw giving a speech at the Washington prayer breakfast not long ago on the TV!  I remembered telling my wife “this guy has balls talking like that in front of Obama.” He was quiet and well mannered, but what he said was in such direct opposition to the party line that I perked up and started listening in earnest. I became hugely impressed with his presentation and hugely amused at the cold stare he got from Obama. . . . this man had my full attention.

Now, I don’t automatically believe a politician, and even though my bullshit monitor was on it was having trouble detecting any. I soon took this man as one who actually believed what he was saying. He seemed to be someone who spoke his mind intelligently without spin from a seemingly very strong foundation. What more could we ask for?

I was very impressed with this guy. Now I am sitting here watching a movie about a surgeon and realize the two are the same one, and that  Dr. Ben Carson is alive and well in America this very day.

Now I’ve gone from a young girl entering the sex business to a noted physician in a little more than one page. How does all this fit together?

Choices . . . each one of us make them every day. Each one we make combines with our other choices to create a life path ahead of us . . .  not all of us make the proper choices.

I won’t sit in judgement of the young porn star as I don’t know her purpose. I just hope for her sake her choices are going to take her somewhere beyond drug addiction and depravity and an emaciated, very long death, having never accomplished what she came here to do.

Dr. Ben didn’t start out so well. In his youth he had a violent temper and actually attempted to thrust a knife into a guy’s stomach once, but the blade broke on the kids belt buckle . . . how lucky was that!? . . . That one incident could have sent him to prison for a long time and completely ruined his mission.

I wish the porn queen has the same luck. . . . but . . . . what are the odds? I don’t know.

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