The Empire Is Crumbling . . .


The empire is crumbling. I don’t like to use those words, but they are, in my mind, far closer to the truth than any of the other stuff I am hearing these days. From the ‘everything’s fine’ spin I hear coming from the Trump administration, to the made up doomsday reports on youtube and in the blogs. (it’s really bad enough guys why make shit up?) . . . So what is it anyway? yeah or nay?

Personally? I sense there’s a bad moon rising . . . but who knows for sure? We all read and watch the same stuff and draw our conclusions from it, mostly according to our perceptions and fears. When it comes to crystal balling the fall of the House of America I gotta honestly say I don’t know . . . and I doubt few of the media’s talking heads do either.

So, given all that, what DO I know? And what is best for me and my family when it comes to living in this country at this particular time in it’s history. That’s all that counts in the long run. How am I going to cope with whatever happens?

I have already written in this blog about survival and how I intend on doing it, and am already in the position I think is best for me and mine. Now, for us, it’s just a matter of chilling out and waiting to see which way the wind blows.

In her 1969 book, On Death and Dying, Swiss-born psychiatrist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross outlined the five stages of grief of someone who is dying:

one — Denial and isolation: . . . This is not happening to me. No way! I am not even going there! Everything is going to be all right. It’s just natural. Just a glitch. All I need is a good doctor . . . or a good president . . . or a good growing season . . . or good grades . . . or a good joint . . . we will all come out of this stronger.

two— Anger: F-ck it!  . . . I’m not going to sit back and take it. How dare God do this to us. I don’t deserve it . . . we don’t deserve it. I’m pissed! Let’s revolt! Demonstrate! Occupy! . . . It’s the greedy, mfers on Wall Street/banks/Congress who are doing it to us! It’s Monsanto and the corporations who poison us! . . . it’s . . . it’s . . . (one finger points out, while three point back) . . .

three – — Bargaining:  . . . Ok look. maybe I/we got out of line a little bit. Dear God or Holy Mother of Mary . . . HELP! I’ll give up smoking. I’ll eat the right food. We’ll pass better laws, come back to church and make room for you in our nation’s life. . . . Come on Man! Give me/us another chance. I’m thinking positive about this because I BELIEVE!! Believe! believe. . . . . . . HEY! Anybody out there?

four – — Depression: . . . Woe is we, nothing seems to be working . . . where’s the promised change? . . . Oh, dear, it’s not coming! Oh shit . . . we are so screwed . . . doom on us . . .

five — Acceptance:  . . . Ok I quit. We lolly gagged into the ambush . . . now it’s too late. . . . fu-k it everything dies sooner or later anyways . . .

When it comes to this country, when it comes to the health of the oceans, when it comes to the health of our natural environment as well as ourselves we are all dancing somewhere on the above five stages of death.

I believe it is time to quit living in the mirage of ‘the American Dream’ and begin to peer into the reality of what lies before us. . . as well as the reality that lies within us. 

Once we realize that the foundation to the American Dream was built upon sand it isn’t all that hard to visualize the rest. The dream quickly dissolves as we awaken to the fact that, as in most dreams, it was not real in the first place. It was always just an illusion.

Does this mean unhappiness and misery for us? Gloom AND doom? Will we ever be as happy as we were during the heyday of believing Lyndon’s mirage? Were we ever even happy to begin with? I don’t think so.

If having things and a high comfort level makes one happy, shouldn’t the rich and famous be tip toeing through the tulips? Why are drugs and sex and greed and sadness so prevalent within their ranks? Why the depression? The overdoses and suicides? Is this merely the human condition called ‘duality’ at play, or something else entirely?

Partially it is the human condition I suppose, but (in my experience), as soon as the counter culture bubble broke around 73, a new bubble was ushered in. The mantra of peace, love, and psychedelics we adhered to, was replaced by the ‘I, me, my’ generation, our Capitalistic Republic went viral on the notion that ‘greed’ was good . . . and the rest, leading up to this very day, is history.

Today, many of us realize the glory days of the ‘me’ generation is over, played out like the bad and boring symphony of waste and wanton destruction it was.

As our money loses strength and our possessions dwindle, and the middle class that held the whole thing together disintegrates before our eyes we have some serious decisions to make. It’s time to give up the mirage, dispel the notion that greed is good and begin to create a new society based upon fact rather than fiction.

The fundamentals remain constant, the pursuit of happiness, love, peace, freedom and quality of life are still worthy goals, but by now we have to be realizing that the empire of ME is over and in order to be truly happy on this earth we must not only raise ourselves up, but those around us also.

Hopefully we can make the switch before we allow the corporation of greed to destroy this planet to the point of non renewal. . . .

If I were to simplify my historical viewpoint on the European invasion of the Americas in just a few words I would say this . . . We arrived in boats with weapons in hand. We used, abused, and ultimately killed her original populations along with their social structure and like a deadly virus took over the continent. . . not so nice, but that IS the way it went down.

We then attempted the grandiose experiment of building a future looking society based on the freedom and independence of the new (white and wealthy) owners of this beautiful and pristine land. We wrote the Constitution, cut all ties to the motherland . . . and away we went, a capitalistic republic called the United States of America went on the books.

Now, as the republic crumbles about us and we have the golden opportunity of hindsight to look back and contemplate upon our failures as well as our successes, we must ask ourselves a few questions. How did we do? What could we have done better? Where did we miss the balance between individual rights and social obligation?

My personal viewpoint in all this heavy stuff is pretty light. . . . We attempted to build an every-man-for-himself society within a social structure that demanded cohesiveness. It even said so in it’s original declaration. . . . We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. . . . sounds good, but in actuality they should have written the rules to playing ‘king of the hill’ cause that’s what we have done these last many years, especially since the early seventies when the empire of production morphed into becoming the empire of consumption.

How did that all work for us? Is it even possible for a society such as ours to exist long term? I believe what we are experiencing today is the inevitable result of a giant Ponzi scheme, doomed to failure just as sure and sudden as Bernie Madoff’s was.

The problem is that the guys at the top have become too heavy for those of us beneath them to support. We are collapsing from the weight of their accesses. We have reached the limit, the ultimate collapse of our corporate republic is inevitable.

Hillary Clinton wrote a book called, ‘It Takes A Village.’ I didn’t read it, but the title makes no sense unless that village was Garrison Keillor’s lake wobegon. definition . . . A village refers to a collection of houses and other related buildings that are smaller as compared to a town and located in a rural setting. . . .

The only long term social structure I know of that seems to work in the world of man is the tribal one. definition . . . A tribe is a group of people connected to an idea, connected to a leader and connected to each other. This was the social structure of most of the original occupiers of this great land.

Our leaders in Washington knew straight up that in order to destroy the American Indian they must also destroy his culture. They knew that their tribal culture was the glue that held them together and separation would be a requirement in order to conquer them.

The people were ripped from their tribal villages and placed on reservations . . . their children were whisked away to the American school where their language was forbidden. We did everything we could think of to destroy the tribal culture of the American Indian.

Look at the American Indian today and you’ll be looking at a defeated people, BUT as we sink into the past the American Indian is recouping his power and strengthening himself for a return. Good for them.

Now whether the guy is red or black or white doesn’t matter to me. . . . the old ways do . . . because going back to the old ways is the only way to save this country from it’s ultimate death under the leadership of corporate greed and over the top consumption.

In reality the battle to be independant from our fellows has only, in the long run, weakened us. The thought that one is responsible for his neighbors wellbeing is preposterous in this day and age. I hear “why don’t they get a damn job!” when there is no job to get. Few feel responsible for anything or anybody other than themselves and their immediate family.

That’s not because we are bad people, it’s more because that’s the culture we’ve been raised under and what we have been taught. The United States of America is hardly united in anything save the desire to acquire more ‘stuff.’ and having a place to put it.

It will take the return of tribal ways where we will learn that we ARE our brothers keeper. If our brother is hungry we must feed him. If our brother is sick we must care for him. If our brother is cold we must supply him with warmth. If our brother is in danger we must be willing to put our life on the line for him. . . When we do all that stuff we will just be doing the basic things that we should have been doing all along. . . if we had been perhaps we wouldn’t today be watching the empire crumble around us.

We humans come into this world just as all animals do via the creative efforts of a mother and a father. Once birthed we immediately become a part of a family structure whose main goal is to protect and nurture us until the day we mature enough to go out on our own. We even get a family last name like Jones.

We start out life as the individual ‘me’ and quickly become a part of the corporate ‘us’ That’s the way it has always been. No matter what nation we are born into, or what religious beliefs we are born under, the cycle of ‘us and them’ remains constant. Our first social contact with others is normally seen through the eyes of the family unit.

Sadly for too many, the experience stops at that point. When we believe, as many do, that ‘family means everything,’ that thought automatically creates an ‘us vs them’ syndrome into our lives and history pretty much repeats itself on down the highway of time.

I was born into the Walters family. The housing project was (us) my tribe . . . the world surrounding us became ‘them.‘ When I was an athlete, my team became my tribe. When I was a soldier, my brigade became my tribe. . . then the carpenters union . . . then the church . . . then the . . . and on I went throughout the history of my early life exchanging one group of people for another until the day I flipped out and became a loner living in the Alaskan bush where I had no tribe.

I was talking to a hippie guy who lived up the trail a piece one day, and he brought up this question of ‘us vs them.’ He was a pretty eloquent guy, and as he talked I had a mini awakening, although I don’t remember his name or even what he looked like I never forgot what he said. “What would happen if we broke from the mold of ‘us and them’ and became just ‘us?’ Like most profound questions are, this was very direct and simple in nature . . . and pretty much set me on my current course.

People will normally just about do anything to help a family member . . . or a member of their tribe, but when it comes to the outsider there is often an entirely different set of rules. Race, language, religion, politics, class, etc. all bring people together . . . but they also have the same negative ability to separate us from our brother and our sister human being.

Today in the US we are more divided than ever along party, personal, social lines, and it’s only getting worse. That is the reason I believe a collapse is imminent for . . . divided we fall . . . Perhaps money is not really the root of all evil . . . perhaps separation is.

We need to somehow break the ‘us vs them’ mold and realize that although we are doing different things, wearing different clothes, speaking different languages, and attending different viewpoints . . . we are basically one linked tribe of human beings.

What do you think would happen if we quit allowing sociopaths to lead us via the law of separation and started believing in the way of oneness? Think we will then have the ability to share the same love and compassion for our earth family as we do our birth family?

Think maybe that once we have a broadened viewpoint, our empathy level might rise to the point that war will no longer be the weapon of choice, or even an option? It’s hard to raise your fist to a brother or sister . . . let alone a gun.

As always, there is no magical formula . . . no savior to do it for us . . . no dept. of oneness to implement a law . . . or no leader to follow. It is up to us, individually, to make the decision and choose a path best fitted to our gifts and our skill level.

We can start by practicing peace just like we practice piano. It takes a hard learning curve to play beautiful music . . . but the benefits are great.

We don’t have to wait on any signs from heaven or any sign from anybody else, we can do it ALL on our own. . . . BE KIND to everybody and treat everybody you come in contact with like family . . . because in the real world they are. 

At some point along the evolutionary highway we fell asleep at the wheel, took a wrong turn, and lost respect for the natural world. I don’t know how or why it all started, but it’s obvious to all who can see that as we progress on one hand we digress on the other . . . until the day will come when the earth can no longer sustain our ignorance.

I don’t believe we will wake up in time. Nor do I believe we will voluntarily give back to the planet in order to make it happen. I believe we will continue to live in the fantasy that we have created that everything will be OK in the long run. (even if the ocean is dying and the lands are being raped and our rivers are full of chemicals and sludge). Science will make sure of that . . . really?

Besides, death may be wired into the creative process the same as it is in everything else . . . all things evolve to a certain point, hit their peak moment and then begin a long descent to their ultimate death. Maybe civilizations continue along that same merry path as well, and there is no way out of it.

Maybe there is a preprogrammed safety factor built in our DNA that guarantees we humans will never advance to the point where we can actually destroy the planet beyond it’s ability to recover. And maybe we are at that point right now. Maybe we have been targeted for extinction by mother nature because of our wanton disrespect and lack of spiritual awareness towards the rest of her children.

We may have not been so wise when we decided to separate ourselves so far from the rest of creation. Our distant cousins, that we accuse of being ignorant aborigines, certainly did not. They lived quite close to the natural environment and felt they were a part of her.

When did we become so arrogant as to create God in our own image anyways? Is Mother earth about to wash her hands of us? Again? (many say there were civilizations long before our world view of history even began.)

We had the opportunity, but we have chosen to use and abuse rather than to tread softly upon the earth. Oh well, I’m sure that from our ashes another tribe will raise up and evolve to this point and be faced with the same choices. The beat will go on until some people at some time in the distant future, realize the way to life on this earth for humanity is NOT to subdue it, but to care for this planet as if it were a living entity (maybe it is?)

Sound pretty gloom and doom? Maybe, but the laws of Nature supercede the laws of man, and if we ever want to escape the inevitable we must learn the balance between spiritual knowledge and technological advances . . . right now it’s like a man giving the keys to his new pickup to his five year old and giving him free reign over the highway.

In the long run Momma knows what’s best . . . Our only hope to advance our civilization into the future is to take it back to the past, find that wrong turn and right it. That means in my opinion a return to tribalism, not localized, but on an earth wide basis where we drop the individual country/ nation and become one united human tribe. The American Indian called themselves “the people.” That’s close enough.

Is it even possible to revert back to the tribal ways and yet maintain individuality? I suppose, but it would be difficult. One thing for sure it will take a vast amount of spiritual growth on our part. We would have to become personally responsible for our actions as well as ourselves or else we will just be helping the one world government movement that is right now seeking to implement this kind of a totalitarian state. (and has been for some time now) Their goal is to do the very things I am talking about, but their motto is ‘unify to enslave’.

Our motto would be ‘unify to set free’ . . . but it would only work if a large majority of the people involved had accomplished the necessary inward work and transformed themselves into the caretaker role . . .

Now of course this stuff is all merely a utopian idea. I see nothing on the horizon that even vaguely resembles anything like what I’m talking about. . . . in the real world it can only come to fruition in ourselves, one person at a time as we begin to drop all the titles and see every human being on this planet as our brother. . . . even our sworn enemies.

We know our society is crumbling. We think we know how to heal it, but that will take a large movement towards individual responsibility before anything will happen to shift the balance of power. Can we do it? Of course. Will we ever actually do it? I hope so, but I kind of doubt it. I’ll do the best I can within myself to BE KIND though. That should be a good start.



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