Attitude . . .


Well, let’s say we have gone about as far as we can go in the natural world with this survival stuff and are now prepared for the day that may never come. Now can we get back to normal and relax a bit?

Well maybe, but first we need to discuss one more very important thing. . . . If the worse case scenario happens and we really do have to go into survival mode how are we going to cope?

In order to survive, our coveted lives of quiet privacy has quickly become a thing of the past. We are now forced into living a communal lifestyle under the same roof with friends and family. OK now what?

What are we going to do if the grid goes down? Think about it. Everything we do is tied into that electric power line. Entertainment, utilities, appliances, phones, practically everything. Shut it down and we are instantly thrown back to the rural thirties. Generators are good for a short time, but they waste precious fuel and are often a noisy pain in the ass.

Does the scenario of sitting in a darkened, cold room with ten other people bother us? Are we spiritually prepared for such a thing? How are we going to contain our impulse to choke old uncle Fred if he farts just one more time? Now that we are able to survive, do we really want to? HA! Sure we do, we just need an attitude adjustment, that’s all.

Many family members these days never really talk to each other. They watch TV together. They sometimes eat together. They play computer games or listen to music or a zillion other things to entertain themselves, but they seldom sit down at the table and have a good conversation.

All that TV, computer game, mp3 player stuff goes when the power goes and the batteries die.

We can read.

We can play music on a real instrument.

We can write using a pencil and paper.

But to really entertain ourselves we will have to do it together by playing cards, board games, and stuff like that. We can relearn the art of storytelling, drop the social networking and have real open dialog with each other for a change. We can relearn the art of just plain jaw jacking and bullshitting.

We will have a lot of free time on our hands. Cutting firewood only takes up so much of it and food preparation? How many hands does it take to boil rice? There will be long hours for us to either sit and stare at each other or get creative and have some fun. Fun is important. If we can laugh at ourselves and our circumstance we will have the battle half licked at least.

If you believe Christianity is the only game in town, that’s cool, but please dear God don’t be proselytizing it to me while you have me cornered in our ten person room. I’ll be stressed out enough. That goes for Judaism, Buddhism, Moslemism, Jingoism and every other ism know to man.

I follow the Zen philosophy of life. My Way may not be your Way, but it works for me. I would rather sit at the table and study an acorn than listen to you quote from your book of rules.

Whoops! see how easy it will be to get into an argument? Gotta be careful to always be on our toes in the brave new world.

I believe that this social/economic crisis can be great fun if we begin to realize the only goal to life is experiencing the path we are currently on . . . and we don’t spend all our time crying and bitching about our lost “stuff”.

The past, it lies behind us.
The future lies ahead.
Live life in the moment.
Or live among the dead.

Believe that and this whole thing can become one great adventure.


One thought on “Attitude . . .

  1. sibyltowers

    I just wanted to add – It seems like one’s attitude of mind, from the age of consent to peak-condition (Immortal Spirit), is nurtured by one’s old, weary SOUL. Ask any spirited old person: I say – ‘There’s youth inside my head that fills me with glee – maybe it’s to do with the Tree whose fruit bore me’.
    Off-course roots-routes, transplants, cuttings & seeds etc. take some time to acclimatize, or whither, in foreign-cousins’ locations and pigmentation’s nativity melding-pots.


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