I live in a small valley surrounded by wooded hills and deep beauty. Over the years I have grown used to the quiet tranquility of this place, but this morning as I walked the dogs I viewed it for what it actually could become.

I walked down my drive and onto the narrow country road like I do every morning. The dogs peed on their favorite spots like they always do. We all started our two mile walk like we always do . . . but halfway down the lane I had what some may call a vision.

As I walked through the area where large trees from either side of the lane touched one another, I looked up into the contrast between dark shade and bright sun and I thought, ‘what could be more beautiful than this planet? Heaven? Not any future heaven I ever heard of could compete with what I have right here, right now.’ This earth as far as beauty goes is all I need.

The religious go on about a jeweled city with streets paved in gold . . . or 40 virgins . . . or plenty of food . . . or all sorts of other things. It seems they always want in their heaven the things they wish they had here. But for me? No thanks, I have the idea that I am in my heaven already. I am right where I belong . . . and this is where, as I travel through the revolving door of time and bodies, I will myself to be spending eternity.

Now of course, the earth and nature as we know it is far from perfect, but then so are we far from perfect. The cities are full of filth and mayhem. That beautiful wilderness area you visualize visiting is in reality a bug and snake infested world that can kill you a zillion ways. Beneath the serenity, lies the chaos in every aspect of every place on this planet, a guy would be nuts to claim this place as heaven . . . right?

What if this whole creation we call home is responding to the law of duality because of us? What if we are so out of balance our planet is also? Can it be that the earth is not just a pile of rocks, but something more? Perhaps something much more than we can even fathom?

The Christian bible says the whole creation groans in travail awaiting the manifestation of the sons of God . . . isn’t that us? Can it be the earth is waiting for us to awaken so it can follow suit?

The bible also says . . . in those days the lion shall lay down with the lamb and the child shall sit upon the hole of the asp and not be harmed . . . practically every prophet who has ever been quoted from the Christian, to the American Indian, to Buddha, to the elder prophets from practically every indigenous tribe in the world all seem to be saying the same thing . . . one day the earth will be perfected, but we, it’s designated caretaker, must lead the way . . .

We must be the first to evolve beyond duality and begin to realize God no longer as an individual, but as a state of being. We need to realize that the earth and all it’s various life forms are waiting for us to set them free. It’s up to us to create the kingdom of Heaven right here on this earth.

I know duality is a somewhat nebulous word that gets tossed around a lot, but basically it is just the opposite of whatever we are focused upon at the moment, it’s the second terminal on the battery + -, white/black, hot/cold, love/hate, joy/sorrow, yin/yang, etc. . . .

(This is where it is really easy to get all ethereal and start spouting lots of new age conjecture, something I hope I am not doing) but I will give one simple explanation more and be done with it.

Love as an emotion is locked into the law of duality with hate, they are different sides of the same coin. Being freed from duality the coin of love would be love/love. No matter which way it was flipped love would reveal itself . . . This coin would have evolved into ‘oneness’ and that may just be the next step in our evolution.

This is what I mean when I say seeing God as an individual and not a state of being. When viewed as an individual this entity is locked into duality . . . God is love . . . God is hate. Therefore we live in fear of Gods wrath and do all sorts of crazy things to appease Him. All our lives, in every culture on Earth, this is how it has been done.

Free God from duality and He becomes a state of being . . . God is love, period. We become one with Him, with Creation, with each other.

We will do this, but it must take place one person at a time until the law of duality weakens and the balance shifts towards an understanding of ‘oneness’.


One thought on “Heaven

  1. Julie

    “What if this whole creation we call home is responding to the law of duality because of us?”

    “Can it be the earth is waiting for us to awaken so it can follow suit?”
    And–oh my goodness–yes!

    Thank you 😊


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