New World Order Or New Order For The World . . .


I think everybody by now has an idea as to what the New World Order is, and that idea usually is formed around a personal perception that could range anywhere from a vast world wide conspiracy by a few very rich and powerful families, to George Bush’s thousand points of light. Whatever you believe is fine, my goal is not to save you from anything, it is merely to get you thinking about something a little more substantial than American Idol or presidential promises.

I gotta say that my personal viewpoint of all this vacillates so much that I really don’t know what form the New World Order will take. I do feel very strongly though, that whatever is looming over the horizon is not going to make me very happy.

I feel a sense of foreboding akin to what I felt that day I was hiking alone in the Alaskan wilderness and came upon a large pile of steaming bear shit. I never saw the bear, never even heard it, but for the rest of the trip I remained on heightened alert.

I believe it’s time for us to wake up and educate ourselves to the things going on in the world and start asking some questions. Time to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.

Today, I feel pretty edgy, much the same way I felt in grizzly bear country. Do we really need to be arming our police with battle wagons and combat gear? Do we really need to be giving up one constitutional right after another in the name of national security? Why are we training combat troops in this country for crowd control? Why has homeland security purchased millions of rounds of ammunition? What’s with the drone I saw flying over my place this summer? Why? . . . Why? . . . Why?

I don’t know why, and that’s why I am preparing my family and myself to survive if this thing turns ugly as they say it will. Following I will use myself as an example knowing that every circumstance is different, as is every individual.

Live in the country? The city? Young? old? Each person has to sit down and figure it out on their own, my only advice would be to do it and get started on it now, before the net closes and you become a victim of circumstance. You don’t need to go out on a limb, either. Use your common sense.

New Order For The World

Every since life began to form on this planet survival has been an absolute necessity. All living things have had to immediately come to grips with that reality or perish. Evolution of the species is, in large part, merely life choosing to adapt in order to guarantee its survival.

Today in the U.S. we face the greatest social upheaval any of us have ever faced. Our way of life, for many reasons, is drastically changing. The huge bubble we have created for ourselves and filled with “stuff” that we deemed absolutely necessary in order to survive and be happy in this country is bursting as I write this. Trying to hold on to it will soon be futile. You may as well try grasping the wind.

Is this the end? No. This is the beginning. The beginning of something perhaps far more enjoyable than your plush little bubble ever was. I can’t advise anyone else what to do because our circumstances are all so different, but I will share with you what I did, what I am in the process of doing and what I expect to do in the future. Ultimately it will be up to you to choose the best way to implement your particular survival.
Once upon a time I had a lovely cottage sitting on a pristine lake in the midst of one of the only old growth forest regions left in the state of Ohio. I loved the place, but as lake front became more popular and my land more valuable we decided to sell and move further South where the cost of living would be a whole lot less.

It seemed the right thing to do as I was near retiring, the EPA was about to force us to rebuild our ancient dam and I was a little apprehensive as to what was taking place in the home building business I was a part of as well as the country at large.

We put the lake front place up for sale and sold it a week later for three and a half times what we paid for it. The couple who bought it immediately tore the old cottage down and replaced it with a McMansionesque nightmare . That’s what they were doing during the boom time. The money spigot was wide open and the banks were, what can I say? Drunk?

My wife and I then bought the acreage we now live on. I built the 1700 square foot cabin with loft that we now live in. I also built a smaller 200 +- square foot cabin, two outbuildings and a storage shed from the lake front profits. We also paid off two vehicles, credit cards and every other bill we had. Our goal was to just, after everything was finished, break even. And that we did.

We now live on Social Security exclusively. My wife gets Medicare and I am a life time member of the VA hospital care program so we don’t have to buy expensive health insurance. I don’t know how long it will last, but for now life is good.

It took plenty of thought to get here though, and as we look back, we were also very, very lucky because it was no more than six months later that property values plummeted. Had we waited just a bit longer we would have been stuck holding the bag.

Down here we have two deep springs and are fairly secure when it comes to a water supply if the frackers don’t ruin it. This we will be able to share with our few neighbors if/when the power goes out.

The small cabin is decked out for burning wood and we have oil lamps for light. I am going to dig an outhouse as well just in case. I have built a clay oven that sits outside along the tree line for baking bread and pizza’s, anything that will bake actually.

All that we’ve done so far is just common sense stuff that would be smart to do if you live in the country like we do regardless of the situation. We have not gone overboard, nor do we brag about anything (well at least not till now:-)) This is as far as we will go until the situation warrants a change. But we are ready for anything.

What we’ve done to this point has little to do with your own lives because, as I’ve stated earlier, everybody’s circumstances are so different. The one thing we share in common though, are the principles involved. The principles of survival are pretty much the same regardless of where, when, why you find yourself needing to. And the first most important principle is your mindset. Where’s yours?


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