Enlightenment . . .


If a true and lasting change must begin from within then what must we do to be changed? Do we find a Bodhi tree to sit under and meditate like the Buddha until it happens? Should we enroll in divinity school? Learn the proper incantations and rituals? What? We want to change, we’re ready to go, but we need some direction.

When I was a Christian I heard a lot about being born again. What does it mean to be born again? Does it mean to worship Jesus as savior of the world, get baptized, follow church doctrine, and do what the elders and self professed prophets tell you?

Jesus may have been our teacher . . . or the Buddha . . . or Mohammad . . . or Moses . . . or the Hindu Veda . . . but isn’t the goal of any good teacher to teach? Doesn’t their greatest joy come from watching us activate what they taught us?

So what good does it do us to merely sit at teacher’s feet and worship him? Are we not playing the pawn in the game of religion, when we were born to be the King?

The process to being born again, enlightened, awakened, all mean pretty much the same thing. It appears to us individually and in various degrees.

It began for me when I started to realize that this entire planet is a teaching tool for us, that we are NOT a body containing a spirit . . . but we ARE a spirit in possession of a body. Our goal in life is to learn. Mostly through experience and the process of trial and error. The only boundaries we have in this process are the ones we have placed upon ourselves.

Once awakened and we begin to realize our full potential, the trappings of this world lose their flavor as they are replaced by the desire for growth. We also realize this awakening is only the beginning of a very long journey, one that we are now excited to begin.

The pathway to enlightenment has no magic, nor any short cuts. It’s a tough and grueling climb, but the view from the top of the mountain will have been worth it once we realize the truth that we have only been an individual in the flesh. That in the spiritual reality, not only are we our brothers keeper, but we are Spirit one and the same and always have been.


23 thoughts on “Enlightenment . . .

  1. sibyltowers

    My understanding of Western Christianity:
    Children, thought of as being born in sin, is referring to Misogynistic Judas’ Victorious Roman christianity, which has been slowly but surely infiltrated by GOD’S DEITY.
    Don’t forget that GOD/JEZEUS (in humane form) and His Multi-racial DEITY (HEBREWS) were CRUCIFIED and MORTALLY died. They were SACRIFICIAL Lambs to . . . . .
    I don’t want to say his name because you can’t bear to believe in The SADISTIC JEALOUS Brother. The people then were Ruled by FEAR and SERVITUDE.

    HE can’t prove it when in Humane form, so HE’S trying to do it IN SPIRIT through HIS Spiritual PROPHETS.
    So, The SON rose in The East and settled in The West with HIS INNOCENT SIBYLLINE GENTILES. A WARRIOR needing LOVE incognito . . . FATHER CHTIST-MASS X

    That’s why I’m a Free-thinking, True Christian, Interfaith Discerning GENTILE.


    • jjwalters

      I came to the Christian church in fear. salvation sounded good to me . . . and who doesn’t want to be on the right side of things? I was chosen to carry the banner of God to the needy masses . . . GLORY!

      Well, that no longer holds together in my free thinking mind. I believe now that we, ALL of us, are spiritual entities far greater, far more powerful than we will ever know this side of death . . . I am admittedly venturing away from the ‘safe’ zone, but I no longer fear riding this horse as far as it will take me . . . I honor your declaration of being a free thinking Christian . . . . stay well 🙂


      • sibyltowers

        I’m so sorry to have been so brief. I’m so
        weary of trying to break through invisible Barriers that I forgot to share in the releasing of your Dove. You know the one – The one that guided Noah’s ARK Of The COVENANT to Safety. I’m smiling.

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      • sibyltowers

        A bit more Clarification:
        I’m a first-Generation Ragnarok-Surviving Girl.
        This is the first time I’ve been here – so, although my SOUL is Full of FEAR, my Mind started off with a clean sheet.
        I’ve only had this one Persona Dear GREEK-GOD & ASTRO-NORSE SPIRIT. I’m grinning.

        HE swears & curses like all Passionate, Red-blooded Warriors too – it’s a hard habit to break. He’s winking.

        Anyway, who am I to get in the way of MALE Bonding.

        The above is my HEART-BROKEN SECRET.
        Fascinating Follies Can Fall Over Themselves such as Intrigue, when tentatively dipping a toe in the waters of the WWW and having a dialogue with a perfect stranger. A Man!

        My Husband doesn’t know what’s really happened to me. I know him, but he doesn’t now know me. It would hurt him Needlessly.
        He has Retired with his Life-Times’ Dove/hobbies. We live in our Little-World where he is a Really Good Husband & Father, and our FAMILY takes up All of My time. HIS DESTINY IS SECURE. I’m Content & SAFE in OUR Little-World, and I Love All the People in it! XXX

        So, that’s why I’m a bag of bloody nerves – BEWITCHED! At least I don’t have to worry about being Burnt at the stake.


      • sibyltowers

        The WARRIOR’S coat of Armour Shields a Heart of GOLD – then Loving Wields a Mortal blow no shield can save the lonely WARRIOR from his knave. I’m a NORSE Girl!

        I’m in between two Worlds at the moment. EMPATHY’S AGONY! I don’t want to worry my Warrior Husband with it until my Brain-TRAUMA settles down and I can Utilize my GIFT without hurting anyone.

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      • sibyltowers


        Do you know the Bruce Springstein’s song & Theme Tune to Kevin Costner’s Film ‘Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves’ . . . . .I’d DIE for You . . . . .you know it’s true, Everything I do, I Do it for you? Well, they don’t have the Monopoly on it – do they.

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      • sibyltowers

        Your Affinity with the American Indians:

        You have never been an Inca –
        but you have been a Spanish SPIRITUAL Leader, from Catalonia, twice.

        It would help you to understand Christianity more if you look up Norse Mythology on Wikapedia.
        Also, if you could look at my post called ‘A MODERN-DAY SIBYL on LIFE-SCIENCES’ REVELATIONS: Is there any rhyme or reason in them’. Thank you for being on my wavelength.


      • sibyltowers

        ‘The Big-Bang’ was the Apocalypse

        Genesis/Genes-is: the start of a New-Life here.

        Norse Mythology/My-Theo-Logy: is when Post-Apocalypse Spirits entered their Earth-suits.

        Theology – Biblical Christians: Astro Religious Christians who were CRUSIFIED with ALMIGHTY GOD’S SON, whom they LOVED and are still MOURNING.
        They think that they must have ANGERED GOD ALMIGHTY in some way because HE didn’t/couldn’t SAVE HIS SON – knowing full well what was going to happen after ‘The Last Supper’. They also Fear The Devil!
        DAMN JUDAS & his Tree to HELL.

        As for the cold, cold heart – it shatters into a million stars as the Snow-Queen entrusts LOVE to Spring, and stays Forever Young.

        Meaning – breaking the Spell of Malevolence HELL! NORSE!


      • sibyltowers

        According to this Sibyl – ‘The Last Supper’ was The SON/KING of HEAVEN’S Stag night.

        According to Malevolent, Male CHAUVINIST PIGS – All women were Prostitutes, and Treated as such. One particular woman was a THREAT! . . . . .


      • sibyltowers

        From born again J.E.ZEUS & ARTEMIS to APOLLO & DAPHNE then BALDUR & NANNA etc. to AD’s J.E.ZEUS & MARY.

        From Gaea’s Purgatory Eden to Shangrila’s Heaven on Earth.

        Thanks to the likes of you.


      • sibyltowers

        I look around at what could be
        so in my heart I’d set Peace free
        but in my little world I too
        feel just as helpless as you do.

        It’s not for the want of trying – is it.

        Sibyl Towers comes from a modern-day Sibyl in her ivory -tower.

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  2. sibyltowers

    I think it’s worth mentioning the strange Biblical ‘Song of Solomon’.
    The Ragnarok Apocalypse film – COSMIC Superman.

    The Twilight of The GODS Stories for Children – Starting with –
    Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (only they slept for 6 billion years), ETC. ETC. ETC. ending with Beauty & The Beast.
    By then HE had the mark of Cain in HIM.
    By coincidence? the Actor who played Superman married to Lois Lane in a TV series was called Dean Cain.

    I suspect it shows the difference between Sarcodina AMEABAS & OMEGAS including all sub-species called Protozoans.

    I’ll finish with Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer-night’s Dream’ of Oberon & Titania, – and who is DR. WHO? is a ridiculous question – isn’t it.


  3. sibyltowers



    If the shoe fits (as the saying goes) just like the slipper it fits the Rose of Disney Romances, as Memories unfold of long ago Innocence & Beaus – The GOD Almighty Cosmos knows.
    (I’m not so keen on how Belle was portrayed in ‘The Twilight Sagas’.)


  4. sibyltowers

    If I want you to judge whether rhyme or reason (with your your Magic I), while remembering the cold, cold heart?

    Otherwise YOU do ask The RIGHT Questions Kinsman of mine.
    Don’t worry about a thing – I’m smiling XXX.


    • jjwalters

      Writing on the internet is like chasing a fleeing bird . . . and your reader will stay around just about as long a time.

      JJ’s rules for writers . . . one subject simply stated. . . . it can be deep and meaningful but it must be written using simple as possible wording that a freshman high schooler can quickly understand. . . . boredom is the king of Cyberland.

      Now as to YOUR writing style I will not judge, but you can. If you are satisfied write on, even if only to yourself . . . it is good therapy regardless.


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