Truth? What Is True?

shaking hands

When it comes to reality, every time we think, or everytime we say, “this is the absolute truth” we should really be saying, “to the best of my knowledge this is true”. . . because most of the time our declaration of absolute truth will one day prove the point that we didn’t really know, we just thought we did. . . . If nothing else, this one action would save a lot of division and silly argument.

Today, I see this “I know and you don’t know” phenomenon taking place all across the board in every direction. Social status, education, even experience, makes no difference, it seems to me that dialog, for some reason, has been replaced with intellectual snobbery. “I know.” is now the order of the day . . . and really, what do we actually know for sure?

As an example: Take an ice cube out of the freezer and set it on the countertop. What you have is an ice cube. Without a doubt you KNOW what the object is . . . no doubt . . . absolute truth . . . ICE CUBE, and you are willing to argue until hell freezes over about the fact that this object IS an ice cube. . . . but wait a while and the ice cube melts away and turns into a pool of water. Then what do you have?

“Well the damn thing has melted!” you say. You are correct, your ice cube has just melted into a pool of water because all along that’s what it actually was. WATER. . . . This is what practically ALL of your opinions and perceptions will ultimately do also, because in all actuality, no matter how many experts you have on your side, you, or they, do not know their asses from a hole in the ground when it comes to absolute truth.

For instance, what do we REALLY know about the simple elements that sustain life like . . . Water . . . Earth . . . Wind . . . Fire? We know ABOUT them . . . We RECOGNIZE them . . . We can STUDY them . . . We MANIPULATE them and USE them to benefit us, but what do we really KNOW? . . . nothing much.

We say God created this or that and let it go at that. Of course we read the holy book, and by doing so and following its directions . . . We think we KNOW God . . . and all this stuff is His domain. And yet God itself is a complete mystery, and anybody who believes otherwise is kidding themselves and putting themselves on a pedestal.

Today we are making major decisions against the natural world, OUR natural world, that is quite capable of destroying it all together and turning our lush and fantastic homeland into a Mars-like graveyard. . . . all for the lust of POWER, POSITION, and POSSESSION. For the first time in this epoch, we have advanced to the point of absolute self-destruction, and it seems we are hell bent to accomplish just that. . . . like, as I believe, we have done so many times in our distant past.

Bottom line . . . we are fools creating division amongst ourselves and messing with things we have no right or reason to be messing with. Long term all this stuff we deem so very important to us now, will fade and dissolve before our eyes like that ice cube on the counter top, and the truth will finally arrive like a blinking neon sign . . . WE DID NOT KNOW! . . . WE DID NOT KNOW! . . . WE DID NOT KNOW!!!

This is the time, our last chance to stand up and fight for our planet as a unit, (not among each other like a bunch of dipshit know-it-all’s.) Time to step back and realize the enemy has lied us into his corner right where he wants us. That enemy can only be defeated if we are willing to team up and force those who lead us into giving Mother Nature a seat at the table.

This is war . . . and wars are won by utilizing teamwork, not individual heroics.

We must choose our demonstrations wisely and stop swinging wildly about like a drunken sailor . . . we must learn to make our expenditure of adrenaline count.

As is, the left fights the right, the right fights the left, the blacks fight the whites, the whites fight the blacks, the religious fight everybody (in God’s name of course) the others fight the religions, . . . and the beat goes on until we all reach the cliff and fall off . . . it’s time to wake up NOW . . . or drown in our own pollution. . . . no shit.

Dynamic Equilibrium

crowtownnews2We are addicted to fossil fuel. In the boardrooms of big oil and coal everything else comes second to their profit margin. This is a fact few can deny. I honestly believe these corporations would willingly lay waste to the entire planet in order to suck the last drop of oil from her. . . just like a smackhead will lay his body to waste for that final fix.

In today’s world we are encompassed by a vast amount of negativity. So much so that it is difficult for one to keep his head above water, BUT there are also great things in the works. Intelligent ideas containing the power to make a difference for all of us are on the rise.

It’s only a matter of time until the fossil fuel industry runs out of product. Everybody knows this but them, and yet . . . the beat goes on.

How do these ‘drill baby drill’ guys answer the cry from those of us concerned for the well being of our planet? They say, “you guys are treehugging wacko’s . . . everything’s fine, this depletion stuff is all just liberal inspired bullshit . . . after all God gave us this earth to subdue, right?”

On and on the argument goes. Remember how long it took the cigarette corporations to even hint that smoking may be bad for your health? The frackers have far more rocks to hide under than the tobacco boys ever did.

The question for today is, “How can we continue this course of existing on fossil fuels and NOT at some date in the near future run out of product? We can’t, it is physically impossible regardless of how the fossil fuel industries promote their agenda.

BUT there is another side to the story. One that has THINKING people working hard to find a way towards putting this cess pool of greed out of business and yet maintain our (pared down, but pleasing) lifestyle. People like the guy who made this video.

I can’t say I agree with all of it, but I doubt that is necessary. The foundation he is creating is sure to be the one taken after this current system falls apart . . . at least I hope so.

If we fail as a people to adapt and the planet drives us to extinction because of our ignorance, if it takes our planet a zillion years to recoup from our abuse. I hope next time we get it right . . . and if we do I believe it will take place somewhat along these lines . . .

Nature Strikes Back


What if the plant world was intelligent and cunning and patient and not at all living a passive existence? What if they evolved through millennia just as we have, but their evolutionary trail traveled in a different direction in order to insure a beneficial relationship. (We breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, they breathe carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. . . etc.)

What if, because of the need to protect itself, the plant kingdom has decided to break the peaceful relationship with us? What if it has chosen to go to war with humankind and eradicate us because it realizes we are madly out of synch and capable of destroying the whole planet?

Sounds like pseudo science fiction I suppose, but in their defense . . .

Man HAS chosen to play ‘Creator’ and manipulate the DNA in plants that have taken millennia to evolve as they are.

Man HAS chosen to pollute the oceans, thereby ultimately killing them as well as all life forms within them.

Man HAS chosen to pollute and destroy the ground upon which he lives . . . and the air he breathes . . . and and the rivers and lakes he drinks from.

I have no problem visualizing that the earth sees us as a pariah and is in great alarm as to our next move. A millennia of evolution that we barely comprehend can not be pleased with our usage of half-baked science to change the natural ebb and flow of things we hardly understand. We, in all our learned ignorance, threaten all of lifes very existence . . . . .

We live in a place of great magic, but we don’t see it because we have been blinded by greed for gold and lust for Power, Position, and Possession. Man is a sorry lout, I doubt we will voluntarily change and the way things are going I doubt we will even see it coming until sea water starts to flow on Wall Street.  But I do see a day when we will dropped from the roster.

Watch this mesmerizing video on youtube and see what you think . . .

Egosyntonic Programming

crowtownnews2Since life began to form on this planet survival has been an absolute necessity. Evolution of the species is, in large part, merely life choosing to adapt in order to guarantee its survival. All living things have had to immediately come to grips with that reality or perish.  Today in the US we face the greatest threat to our survival we have ever faced . . . and yet who can see the threat?

I have pondered this over and over and have finally come up with a reason as to why so many of us have given up our innate survival system and have chosen instead, to follow the party line like a pack of sheep being led to the slaughter house.

We don’t question TOO much . . . .

We don’t break rank TOO far.

We fear everything, but the greatest fear we have is being alone and crying in the wilderness . . . instead of crying why not man-up and begin shouting:


It’s because we have fallen deaf and dumb and succumbed to what psychology calls: egosyntonic programming:

[Egosyntonic is a psychological term referring to behaviors, values, feelings that are in harmony with or acceptable to the needs and goals of the ego, or consistent with one’s ideal self-image.]

Imagine Germany in 1936 when the Nazi party was in full control of the country. Imagine viewing one of the old videos of the era as Adolph stands before a large mass of people with his hands on his hips as the multitude raises their right arms in unison shouting, “HEIL HITLER!!”

What possibly could have had happened to all those people? How much had they been able to overlook in order to be a part of this new National Socialism? How long did it take them to fall under the influence of this high talking psychopath?

I believe it was mainly because Adolph made them feel good about themselves, and special, and powerful. Master race? heady stuff, but real world they were ignorant nobodies looking for easy glory after years of hard economic times in post WW1 Germany. I believe they had given up their basic survival instincts in favor of Nazi egosyntonic programming.

Simply put . . . Adolph excited their lust for power and control and they bought his line of bullshit, lock, stock, and barrel. They joined his brainwashed army of screaming idiots and followed him into hell out of fear and longing to be somebody.

They had been willing to submit to . . . to die for . . . a man who not too far in their past would have been just another crackpot in the park. They would have laughed at his antics and perhaps dropped a coin in the hat lying heads up at the foot of his soapbox, but that would have been it. Had it been that way the earth would not have suffered such a horrific blow.
I feel we americans are in the same condition today that the German citizen was in 1936.

We are failing to heed our survival instincts because we have taken for granted the same stuff the German took for granted . . . we have been hoodwinked by government . . . media . . .military industrial complex . . . a one world central banking system . . . and our own need to be somebody.
Those who have not fallen under their egosyntonic spell and are questioning the strange things that are happening these days, are being ostracized by them as conspiracy theorists and nut cases. We are not strong and virile like them. We are all pussies. They are all heroes. They have upset the apple cart and convinced us that that’s the way it should be . . . that’s pretty damn dumb on our part.

The majority of us have been compromised by them and nothing reveals this to me more so than the total lack of attention this whole geoengineering scheme is getting from so many. And believe you me, if you can’t see what is going on in the heavens directly above your head . . . if you are not alarmed about that? . . . if you don’t look into the situation yourself? Your instinct for survival has been compromised.

I don’t care how many degrees you have. how much money you have, the size of your boy toy . . . or anything else . . . you have been blinded by egosyntonic programming.

How many know or have even heard about the project devised by Edward Teller (father of the H bomb and one of the first promoters of solar radiation ) to use nuclear weapons to build a harbor in Alaska? This project came very close to fruition had it not been for conservation groups such as the Wilderness Society and the Sierra Club. Read about Project Chariot here:

Think about the damage that would have been caused by him and his band of merry nutsacks had he gotten the go ahead from Congress, (who were initially all for it) . . . . think about the damage 5 nukes in unison would have caused to the area . . . to the indigenous communities of Point Hope, Noatak, and Kivalina. . . think about what Teller said when asked about the downside of all this . . . and know that today there are a zillion Tellers in the world with enough backing from the 1% at the top to do even more damage to the ecosphere than he could have ever done in the fifties.

(excerpt from How To Cool The Planet by Jeff Goodell)

Perhaps Teller’s real brilliance was not as a scientist but as a provocateur. In his own perverse, indirect way, he articulated the central question of our time: what is the earth for? Is it a launching pad for human beings, a playground for us to explore before moving on to some greater destiny? Or is it a sacred and fragile place, a miracle of life in a cold and dead universe? The deeper you go into the logic of geoengineering, the more pressing this question becomes. Because as any engineer will tell you, before you can intelligently design something, whether it is a house, a bridge, or a climate system of a planet, the first question you have to ask is, what’s its purpose?

What was the purpose for Project Chariot? To dig a deep and unnecessary harbor in the wilderness just to see if we can use atomic energy to rearrange the landscape to our (mans) benefit.

What’s the purpose for the heavily geoengineered skies we see all over the country? Climate control? What the hell is ALL of this about?

This will be the third and last article on chemtrails . . . hopefully this will be the beginning for you to look up in wonder and break free from the grip of the egosyntonic programming that has captured the minds of this country. Hopefully you will lose the fear of thinking for yourself without the help of “big brother”.



The Overall Picture

Dear snow-trolls: Winter weather does not refute global warming

Source: The Washington Post

burning planetMassive mounds of snow are piling up in western New York. More than four feet of snow fell in parts of Buffalo on Tuesday, while a second storm is expected Thursday. Temperatures dropped below freezing from coast to coast. (AP)

If you live in the United States, you have been feeling insanely cold lately. The area south of Buffalo got five feet of snow yesterday – an extreme winter weather outburst that is being blamed for a tragic five deaths – and the Weather Channel says that parts of the Midwest and Great Lakes region may experience “one of the longest sub-freezing spells on record for the month of November.” But the whole United States has been quite cold. In Washington, D.C., last night, a weather emergency was announced due to the expectation of extremely cold temperatures. Continue reading “The Overall Picture”

Ego-syntonic Conditioning

true patriotSince life began to form on this planet survival has been an absolute necessity. All living things have had to immediately come to grips with that reality or perish. Evolution of the species is, in large part, merely life choosing to adapt in order to guarantee it’s survival.

Today in the US we face the greatest threat to our survival we have ever faced . . . and yet who can see the threat? Continue reading “Ego-syntonic Conditioning”

GMO Forests

GMO treesNot only are the GMO industries destroying our food source they are also seeking to destroy natural forests as well. Actually everything nature has taken millions of years to evolve . . . the highly intelligent sociopaths at Monsanto believe they can do better, and do it in a few short years.

We must stop them.

article from Natural . . . Continue reading “GMO Forests”

The Sky IS Falling

the+sky+is+fallingEverybody remembers the kid story about Chicken Little, right? If not I will include a bit of it to begin this essay:

Chicken Little
By Merri Beth Stephens

One day Chicken Little was walking in the woods
when — KERPLUNK — an acorn fell on her head
“Oh my goodness!” said Chicken Little. “The sky is
falling! I must go and tell the king.”

On her way to the king’s palace, Chicken Little met
Henny Penny. Henny Penny said that she was going
into the woods to hunt for worms.

“Oh no, don’t go!” said Chicken Little. “I was there
and the sky fell on my head! Come with me to tell the
king.” Continue reading “The Sky IS Falling”

Chemtrails And Artificial Intelligence

nanoIf I haven’t lost everybody by now . . . you have to watch this video. I will have to study it more closely, but MAN, we have to wake up to what meta biology and nanotechnology has in store for humanity . . . it is a damn scary proposition to say the least. Watch this, research it and ponder about what are YOU going to do. PS I don’t know much about the lady in the video, but even if she is half correct it’s still damn thought provoking.

Geo-engineered Skies

chem-contrailIf you don’t know what we are talking about . . . look up and research all this for yourselves.

As a followup I’m going to post a comment from a guy named Marc on the site There are many folks across the planet who are beginning to look up and realize that all is not well with the skies above our heads. Continue reading “Geo-engineered Skies”

Know Your Enemy

It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle. . . . Sun Tzu

The above quote was taken from Sun Tzu’s treatise, The Art of War. This well proven book has, for the last 2500 years, been considered the fighting manual of choice by military men throughout the world. A list of it’s readers would contain the names of Patton, MacArthur, Stalin, Mao Zedong, so forth. Vo Nguyen Giap used it’s knowledge to defeat both the French and the Americans in Vietnam. It’s concepts are being taught even today at the American War College.

The Art of War contains the final answer to those caught in a David and Goliath moment where the enemy is far larger and far more powerful than their fledging resistance. It’s worked before, it will work again as we take on the gas industry and their minions in Congress and the State legislatures. Continue reading “Know Your Enemy”

The Mission

If God sent Man out to search and destroy
Then everything else makes sense.
If Odin be He and warriors be we
And He cared not the consequence.

Then we well trained elite have skipped not a beat
As we’ve ravaged and subdued the land.
Turning flora to mud and fauna to crud
We’ve met and exceeded God Odin’s demand.

But what if this God that we cherish
Were the artist who’d just done His best
Not merely a fable that makes us not able
To see the great danger in soiling His nest?


Mother Earth

To be at one with our Earth in my opinion is merely to understand her and give her the love and respect she deserves.

I saw a bumper sticker in a store once that had a colored picture of our Earth on it. Following the planet’s contour were the words “Love Your Mother”. I thought the play on words was pretty cool so I bought the thing and glued it onto the back window of my old work truck.

LOVE YOUR MOTHER . . . I wonder how many people would treat their birth mother the way they treat their Earth mother. If they did I wonder how long it would take before birth mother tossed the brat out the upstairs window and smashed his ignorant head on the sidewalk. Continue reading “Mother Earth”