Happy New Year . . .

In the past, New Years eve has traditionally been a time for light hearted partying and giving my girl a big kiss as the countdown begins. This year I am alone, though, because my girl went to the beach. I only have the dogs and a bottle of good old Mad Raven wine to keep me company. This year as I reflect upon the past as well as the present I am sitting here at my desk thinking INCOMING! (you know, that word that gets shouted when a mortar goes off in the compound and everybody dives in their hidey hole?) This year as I look into my crystal ball all I can get from it is a feeling of dread.

Why is that? Am I just getting too old to enjoy myself anymore? No, not really, at 76 I am still in great shape, still dropping trees, chopping firewood and building stuff. I FEEL great . . .  it’s this nagging survival instinct of mine that’s driving me crazy. It’s like being in the middle of a coal dark, jungle night. It’s uneasy . . . queasy . . . and not knowing which way to take flight.

Something is going on folks and it’s right on the other side of the horizon. I know it because my instinct is rarely wrong when it rings this loud. Creedence Clearwater sang about a Bad Moon Rising, but then it was just a song. . . now I believe it is a not so future happening.

I haven’t always felt this way, believe me. I’m an old peace and love hippy for Christ’s sake. That philosophy is about as positive as one could get. We were going to end the war and change the world. Tim Leary and the other pied pipers of the day had us convinced that all we had to do was drop out, stay stoned, and love the night away. Well, guess what . . . we tried and the night never died.  

Before the hippy days, as a returning vet I knew the world was in chaos and much of it was caused by America, but my attitude was . . . Que Sera, Sera, what will be will be . . . I just needed to make sure I got what was mine, and through the years I did fairly good at it.

Then along came 911

That morning as I was getting ready for work I watched in horrified anger as the second plane hit the towers.  Later I rejoiced when Bush went after Saddam . . . double so when I heard my old brigade was leading the charge by making a night parachute drop into northern Iraq. And those Americans who talked about the Towers being a set up? They deserved to be deported.

I felt that way for quite some time . . . but slowly I began to realize that something was not quite kosher about the whole deal. The crime scene was immediately cleaned up . . . why? How did that huge jet plane get into that little round hole in the pentagon? Why wasn’t it on the tape? Why were all the cameras turned off?

The discrepancies built up, one after the other, until they flooded all the patriotism out of my brain and filled it with doubt. I began to study the entire sequences of all the events, carefully and on my own. Conspiracy theorism was not my large suit, I thought those people who wrote that stuff were fiction inspired crackpots and nothing more. I went for the middle ground, I researched and read guys who were educated . . . engineers, architects, etc. People who were on the scene, that gave an interview and suddenly disappeared.

Today, after so many years of research from so many reliable professionals at least half the population believes there was some not-so-funny goings on at the time, and me? . . . I am convinced without any doubt whatsoever that 911 was a staged event.

But then again, this essay is not about proving 911 pro or con . . . it’s about about what 911 has led up to. Because that is what we are experiencing in real time right now.

I remember a guy saying a few weeks after the whole thing went down and people were beginning to question it. “Watch and see what happens to the country after 911 . . . how much we change . . . in what direction . . . how severe have our freedoms been attacked or downright take away in the name of security.

And I will add to that . . . just drop all preconceived ideas and take a look around for yourself and make up your own mind. I don’t really care what you do because I know it is hard work and it takes a bit of time to do it . . . and who has time these days to do anything other than support our own person and take care of our own stuff? Like the young lady tells me the other day, “who cares? I’m too busy to worry about that kind of stuff!”

That’s why I fear, not for myself as I’m an old man halfway down the escape hatch, but for these kids who are so oblivious to the facts on the ground . . . who, as long as their iphones still work, really don’t give a shit as to what is taking place around them and have no desire to do anything about it. . . .

So, this new Years eve I won’t be partying, and I won’t be preaching or praying. I’m gonna drink my bottle of Mad Raven, play my guitar until I pass out on the couch. . . . although I might utter a small hope that I don’t have another episode of this recurring dream:

The Rainmakers

Standing alone

In the freezing rain

Among the insane

There is no pain

There is no gain.

The thrill of the fight

The rush while in flight,

Away we go . . . into the night.

Standing alone

Wanting to scream

But it’s not easy to scream

In this fucked up dream.

Where the bullets are slow

And my barrel is bent.

And my target

Will never stay down.

Standing alone

In the rain

Among the crying, among the dying

Watching war go round.

Again-and again-and again.




The Art Of Discussion

debateHow many times have you read “no religion or politics” when looking at the membership rules in a web forum? I mean, you can talk about lots of other things, but two of the most important issues facing us in this life is considered taboo? . . . What’s up with that? Any talk concerning our spiritual well being . . . taboo. Any talk concerning the governing of our physical well being . . . taboo. These two categories are still, even in this supposedly enlightened country, considered unsafe because they always end up causing a heated argument . . . why?  Continue reading “The Art Of Discussion”

What To Do?

back to the land

What do representatives of the largest corporations and governments in the world talk about when they sit around the conference table? Well, from what I’ve been hearing, these groups that operate outside the boundary of public scrutiny are actually the guys who create national and foreign policy for the country. All those guys you see daily on TV? . . .  including the president himself? . . . are merely front men.

Hillary Clinton, during a recent interview, was saying how happy she was to hear that the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) had just opened a Washington office . . . “Now I won’t have to go to New York to find out what I am supposed to do.” she said and laughed.

Dumb me, here I thought the president was the guy who told her what to do. But then, if you think about it, he is only in office eight years max while these people have been around since the sixties. . .

Who are they? Check out their website and you’ll find a long ‘whose who’ list of the rich, famous, and powerful members that you will recognize. These guys operate quietly in the shadows, but don’t hide from the fact that they do so. They are the shadow government. Continue reading “What To Do?”


enough pollution

I want to write a love poem . . . sweet and easy.
I want to find a way to say the golden things
The things with wings.
I want to mimic Gibran . . . and Rumi too
I want to write a love poem . . . I do I really do.

I sit at the break of day
When the hush of morn surrounds.
I think of all those loving things
where peace and love abounds.
A thought so strong it births a tear
Takes me back to a better year . . .


Across the hilltops flying high
Are cries from earth
And water
And sky.

ENOUGH! ENOUGH! . . . we say
IF you wish to live another day!

Global Warming


It looks as if EPA is about to take a hit from the Trump administration. Everybody knows Trumps viewpoint when it comes to global warming and Myron Ebell, Trumps choice to lead his environmental team seconds that emotion in spades. Myron, a prominent climate change skeptic, has made a career of advancing theories that question the scientific underpinnings of global warming although he is not a scientist and has never worked for the agency whose environmental mission he has attacked for years.

Environmentalists have called his selection a “sick joke.” Even some Republicans wonder how someone who has spent most of his career at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank, could be thrust into a prominent role that includes interviewing agency staff, identifying potential employees and designing a new direction for EPA under a president who has threatened to shrink its authority. (Emily Holden and Kavya Balaraman)

As an environmentalist I am alarmed because I truly believe that when it comes to the environment Mr. Trump as well as Myron, don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground when it comes to the reality of climate change.

The simple answer to the issues on their side is that climate change is not caused by human interference at all, therefore it is unnecessary and nonproductive to attempt to control naturally occurring events that have been going on since the beginning of time. . . . and of course on our side we see the sky falling and the planet dying a slow, sickly, death.

Continue reading “Global Warming”

What If . . .

shaking handsWhat if the plant world was intelligent and cunning and patient and not at all living a passive existence? What if they evolved through millenniums just as we have, but their evolutionary trail traveled in a different direction in order to insure a beneficial relationship. (We breathe oxygen, they make oxygen)

What if, because of the need to protect itself, the plant kingdom has decided to break the peaceful relationship with us? What if it has chosen to go to war with humankind and eradicate us because it realizes we are madly out of sync and capable of destroying the whole planet?

Sounds like pseudo science fiction I suppose, but in their defense . . .

Man has chosen to play ‘Creator’ and manipulate the DNA in plants that have taken millenniums to evolve as they are.

Continue reading “What If . . .”

Truth? What Is True?

shaking hands

When it comes to reality, every time we think, or everytime we say, “this is the absolute truth” we should really be saying, “to the best of my knowledge this is true”. . . because most of the time our declaration of absolute truth will one day prove the point that we didn’t really know, we just thought we did. . . . If nothing else, this one action would save a lot of division and silly argument.

Today, I see this “I know and you don’t know” phenomenon taking place all across the board in every direction. Social status, education, even experience, makes no difference, it seems to me that dialog, for some reason, has been replaced with intellectual snobbery. “I know.” is now the order of the day . . . and really, what do we actually know for sure?

As an example: Take an ice cube out of the freezer and set it on the countertop. What you have is an ice cube. Without a doubt you KNOW what the object is . . . no doubt . . . absolute truth . . . ICE CUBE, and you are willing to argue until hell freezes over about the fact that this object IS an ice cube. . . . but wait a while and the ice cube melts away and turns into a pool of water. Then what do you have?

“Well the damn thing has melted!” you say. You are correct, your ice cube has just melted into a pool of water because all along that’s what it actually was. WATER. . . . This is what practically ALL of your opinions and perceptions will ultimately do also, because in all actuality, no matter how many experts you have on your side, you, or they, do not know their asses from a hole in the ground when it comes to absolute truth.

For instance, what do we REALLY know about the simple elements that sustain life like . . . Water . . . Earth . . . Wind . . . Fire? We know ABOUT them . . . We RECOGNIZE them . . . We can STUDY them . . . We MANIPULATE them and USE them to benefit us, but what do we really KNOW? . . . nothing much.

We say God created this or that and let it go at that. Of course we read the holy book, and by doing so and following its directions . . . We think we KNOW God . . . and all this stuff is His domain. And yet God itself is a complete mystery, and anybody who believes otherwise is kidding themselves and putting themselves on a pedestal.

Today we are making major decisions against the natural world, OUR natural world, that is quite capable of destroying it all together and turning our lush and fantastic homeland into a Mars-like graveyard. . . . all for the lust of POWER, POSITION, and POSSESSION. For the first time in this epoch, we have advanced to the point of absolute self-destruction, and it seems we are hell bent to accomplish just that. . . . like, as I believe, we have done so many times in our distant past.

Bottom line . . . we are fools creating division amongst ourselves and messing with things we have no right or reason to be messing with. Long term all this stuff we deem so very important to us now, will fade and dissolve before our eyes like that ice cube on the counter top, and the truth will finally arrive like a blinking neon sign . . . WE DID NOT KNOW! . . . WE DID NOT KNOW! . . . WE DID NOT KNOW!!!

This is the time, our last chance to stand up and fight for our planet as a unit, (not among each other like a bunch of dipshit know-it-all’s.) Time to step back and realize the enemy has lied us into his corner right where he wants us. That enemy can only be defeated if we are willing to team up and force those who lead us into giving Mother Nature a seat at the table.

This is war . . . and wars are won by utilizing teamwork, not individual heroics.

We must choose our demonstrations wisely and stop swinging wildly about like a drunken sailor . . . we must learn to make our expenditure of adrenaline count.

As is, the left fights the right, the right fights the left, the blacks fight the whites, the whites fight the blacks, the religious fight everybody (in God’s name of course) the others fight the religions, . . . and the beat goes on until we all reach the cliff and fall off . . . it’s time to wake up NOW . . . or drown in our own pollution. . . . no shit.



I am not convinced that guns are the only cause for the large volume of crazy killings that are happening in this country. I believe Obama has a hidden agenda concerning this phenomena, or he is just inept at doing his job. . . . as will be Hillary.

Gun laws are necessary, but there are plenty of those already on the books. With a bit of research, anybody can find that this is true. So what is it? Why the full frontal attack on guns in the first place?

Guns are by their very nature the ‘go to’ weapon of the masses namely because the gun is the ‘equalizer.’ There is usually no competitive risk and all it takes is pulling a trigger to kill or maim an enemy. A little fat guy guy pulls a gun and immediately he feels he has power and control over a situation. . . a fact that is not necessarily true, but if one watches the movies and the TV he/she get’s the idea that it is. It’s no wonder that guns are so popular.

In essence a gun is a dangerous weapon in the hands of a fool and must be controlled somehow, but nobody trusts the motives of government because they have already been proven to lie about just about everything else. How can we believe them and their short sighted approach to gun control?
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qigongI’m about burned out on trying to inform folks about what I see coming down the economic road in the U.S. and starting to feel like a religious fanatic (you know the guy at work who is a Jehovah’s Witness that makes everybody cringe when he shows up at the lunch table?) I’m starting to get that vibe when I bring up chemtrails and tar sands and fracking . . . and . . . so I’m changing course a bit and getting into the preparation phase of survival.

Besides anybody who is free from total indoctrination already knows the same things I do. They already see that the medical/political/economic/social environments in this country are in shambles . . . so what are we going to do about it?

This series of posts, (however long) is going to be about self defense and self healing. It is targeted towards senior men (although the tactics I use can be used by anyone) because that’s what I am, a 72 year old senior citizen who has no desire to give in to the ravages of time nor to become someone’s next victim.

Self defense, as well as healing, begins in your brain. Physical self defense is only the last resort of a very calculated plan of action . . . and if you use your natural intelligence you may never need to go there in the first place.

The thrust of this series is not about how to beat a guy up, or even to escape the family doctor and save some cash. it’s about how to regain the pride and independence we all have freely given to the American sedentary life style.

Something happens inside of a man when he learns how to defend and care for himself. He begins to feel better as he gains pride in his accomplishment. He becomes more confident and perhaps once on that path, he will begin to manifest the man that he was always meant to be.

Robert Service (the great alaskan poet) wrote in “The Heart Of The Sourdough:

<i>I have clinched and closed with the naked North, I have learned to defy and defend;</i>
<i>Shoulder to shoulder we have fought it out — yet the Wild must win in the end.</i>

<i>I have flouted the Wild. I have followed its lure, fearless, familiar, alone;</i>
<i>By all that the battle means and makes I claim that land for mine own;</i>
<i>Yet the Wild must win, and a day will come when I shall be overthrown.</i>

Where does it say in YOUR book of life that it is time to quit fighting and be overthrown? Sure, that day WILL come, but today? If not, then it’s time to fight for the right to be alive and free . . .

Self preservation is the number one motivational instinct in all life forms, including us. We are born with that instinct, live our lives steeped in it, and we die fighting to stay alive. As far as I know ours is the only species lazy enough to expect someone else other than ourself to do it for us.

We look to leaders, governments, religious figures, magic . . . all sorts of stuff. Many times these “helpers” hinder more than help, so instead of looking for help outside of ourselves and expecting someone or something to care for us, how about we get smart, look within, and realize we have been given the personal task of caring for ourselves?

Loving Jesus while stuffing our face fat with Twinkies may help us in the afterlife, but it sure as all hell will do us no good when our arteries collapse and we choke to death on sugar dust. I don’t care how many prayer circles our wife belongs to . . . we did it to ourselves and we are gonna pay the price . . . period.

Since this series is basically for elders, I can believe that most of us here are already practiced survivors else we would not have lasted these last 70 +- years on this planet.

My question to all of us survivors then is this: “Why quit now?”

Why retire and sit on our duffs drinking beer, eating chips, and watching some silly show on the new flat screen TV? . . . Especially when we have reached the time in our life when we actually NEED to stay in shape . . . when we actually NEED to be the proper weight . . . when we actually NEED to eat the right foods . . . when we actually NEED to be able to defend ourselves from the vultures who see us as an easy target.

When did life sit us down and tell us it was now OK to get fat and lazy (and all the rest) and promise to take care of us anyways? If self preservation is our #1 instinct, don’t you think we ought to remember that in order to survive we have to start living like we realize it?

Most of us in this country build our lives in freedom and wish it on others as well. We love and care for our families and work hard to see their needs are met. We try to do what is right and we seek to live in peace.

BUT there are far too many in this country who have built their lives on taking and destroying, some are thugs, some are pillars of society, some become president, some get hung, but they all have pretty much the same MO . . . to take . . . and many times the guys they take from are the elderly.

This is hardly the time to lay your burden down and think because now that you’re old people are going to feel sorry for you and care for you. They won’t. Truth is that in the real world people are too busy caring for themselves. You’re on your own brother, you better quit whining about your illnesses and get with the program because the next time you go shuffling through the Walmart parking lot you may be setting yourself up for a painful reality check. There are lots of punks out there who have you on their ‘easy target’ list. Time to get back in the game.

We need to realize that although we are old men we are in actuality the elders, the last of the breed that hasn’t been lulled to sleep by political correctness and liberalism gone amok. We are the last (or so it seems) of the independent crowd who believes that standing their ground on their own two feet is a good and proud thing to do. We are the last to remember independence before the media took over and told us what the word meant. We have the experience to pick through the bullshit and are needed now more than ever.

Forget the teeth whitenings, the hair pieces, the manicures and the face lifts.  Get healthy, balanced, and proud . . . you’ll be pretty as you can be.

First, before any talk of defending ourselves, we need to get our bodies and minds in order. Although there are many ways to do this, I chose Qigong because I feel there is none better . . . so without further ado, allow me to introduce the life changing power of Qigong:

Following is a 184 page e-book in PDF format by Jim MacRichie. The book is quite revealing and free to read on the web. I posted it here for anybody who is interested in learning the Chinese concept of total mind/body healing.


Following is a short video explaining Qigong

This Chinese man (Master Duan) is in his nineties, watch how he walks and demands respect with such grace and purpose.

To be continued . . .